Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Post 3624 - I'm Back! With New Friends!

Hello, you furry humans, you!

We returned to the city Monday afternoon, after two days at the cottage. No internet. No shoes. And a hard drive full of movies and tv shows hooked up to a media player hooked up to an HD tv for entertainment. Roughing it, 2017 style.

In our unbridled enthusiasm to return to work this morning, we neglected to take anything out of the freezer to thaw out for dinner tonight. By the end of our work day, we were hungry and at loose ends. We decided to return to Fredie's Fantastic Fishhouse in Bayer's Lake. Third visit in less than two weeks.

You have to understand something about Fredie's Fantastic Fishhouse. The fish and chips are, well, fantastic. They oftentimes sell out of certain products before they shut down for the evening, so it is best to get their early. A couple of weeks ago, we got there as they were about to close. They had almost nothing left to sell to us. The co-owner actually offered me the fish pieces she was going to take home to her family. I declined, so she promptly wrote out a "$10 off" note on a business card. We returned for a delicious dinner the following evening, and got it for ten dollars less.

We are fans of the place.

You also have to understand something else. The place is popular. Very popular. They expanded their business a few months ago, adding seating, but it fills up quickly. They set up tables and chairs outside, but it was raining tonight, so we elected to sit inside.

There are only a few tables and chairs. People routinely sit with strangers. That's what we did. When they left, they were replaced by four others, folks from the States here in town for a photography seminar thingy.

Here they are:

From left to right: Dale, Barbara, Cathy, and Milbren.

When we weren't stuffing our gobs with fish and clams and scallops and fries soaking in vinegar and salt, we got to know each other a bit. You wouldn't know it from their extremely youthful looks, but they are all retired folks. They are up here to take photographs in various parts of the province. By this weekend, they will have been to Peggy's Cove twice, one of the times at sun up.

They are from Georgia, Maryland, California and North Carolina. We felt so boring when we told them we were from the province, born and bred.

We had a lovely chat. Dale is retired from IT and threw around enough buzz words that I knew he wasn't bs'ing me. Cathy was in business for herself, I think. I don't recall if Milbren said what he is retired from.

All too soon, we were done eating, and took our leave. We will see you soon, Fredie's Fantastic Fishhouse. 

There is a certain harmony, a beauty if you will, associated with meeting friendly folks from different parts of the world. Sharing a meal with these folks just puts the cherry on top.

I promised my new friends that I'd mention them on the blog. I have kept my promise. And they each got a blog business card, so they have no excuse but to read this and think what a great guy I am. They're welcome.

Pushing midnight. Up for work in less than six hours. Think I should turn in, huh?

See you tomorrow.



Dale said...

,Hey Bev, thanks for the good chat at dinner yesterday and the mention in your post. As you can see I did not just toss your blog business card. I actually checked out some of the archives.
The "some other state" for Milbren is North Carolina.
Best of luck with your blog and I hope that you can actually some some of the mysteries that you have been researching.

Bevboy said...

Thanks, Dale, for writing.

So nice to meet you all last evening.

I forgot to mention in my blog last night that my latest true crime piece is in stores today. It is in Frank Magazine. It is in a lot of stores. The Sobeys at the West End Mall may be the closest to your hotel at Chocolate Lake. Each of you should buy a copy. Heck, tell my editor that you like my work, too.

editor@frankmagazine.ca if you want...

Thanks for writing. Thanks for reading. And thanks for the wonderful company last evening!!

Bev "Bevboy" Keddy

PS I will correct the blog post so that I am spelling Milbren's name correctly.