Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Post 3625 - Don't Read This Post!

Well, sure. Read it if you want. I can't stop you.

Being Wednesday night, the provincial archives were open. I decided to go there and research a particular unsolved crime. It was on my list to work on, but some things came along that bumped it up in my priority. Sorry to be so circumspect. I will tell you what the case is when it is published in Frank in the near future.

Rather than let Patricia languish on the bus for the better part of an hour, I drove her home first, and then doubled back to the archives. I got there around 5:45. It was windy. The folder containing my notes blew out of the car and I nearly lost those notes forever. . The water bottle I sip from, which I keep in the locker they let me use when I visit, fell off the car, twice, on to the concrete parking lot, scratching its formerly-pristine appearance. I uttered a few mighty oaths, not knowing that a little old lady was within earshot. I did not make a good impression on her or her daughter.

I got in and proceeded to work. The next three hours flew by. People don't realize how time consuming, how absorbing, this work is. Load the microfilm. Zip through it to find the articles you want, sourced earlier using a different database. Highlight the article using the application on the computer the microfilm reader is attached to. Save the article to a thumb drive. Repeat as necessary. I've gotten pretty good at that, but still, three hours is not as much time to work on this as you'd think.

I ended up finding nearly two dozen articles about this particular case, and several others about a few other cases on my radar. I drove home.  Ate something. Watched an episode of "Wynonna Earp". Showered and shaved. Came down here and backed up the files I downloaded earlier, and started writing this lovely post.

Two more work days in the work week. Weekend is already shaping up nicely. Looking forward to it.

See you tomorrow.


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