Thursday, August 10, 2017

Post 3626 - Almost

The weekend is nearly here. My goodness, I love these short work weeks.

We are nearly caught up on episodes of "Wynonna Earp". Less than a week ago, we thought that the show sucked. The pilot was tiresome and derivative, but the rest of the episodes of season one rocked. Season two has been more uneven, but still worthy of watching.

I posted a link to an article on Variety dot com today. It was about how the film industry is in big trouble. People are voting with their wallets and staying home in increasing numbers. The studios respond by producing yet more sequels,  more superhero films, more explosions. Television, meanwhile, has quietly gotten better and better and better. They have lower budgets but can focus on storytelling and character, and have a much richer canvas on which to paint their narrative. Film has what Stephen King calls the sitting on a suitcase syndrome, where you stuff that suitcase so full that you have to sit on it in order to close it. Too much information, too much story, too much detail, forced into a 2 hour movie, so the result is a mess. Television has lots of room, in theory, so it can hold much more. It is a more satisfying experience than film today.

When Video Difference closed last year, one of the owner's complaints was that people were moving away from renting films, even watching films, in favour of binge watching tv shows. Films by and large have become lazy, bloated, boring, and far too predictable. The whole industry has a problem.

Patricia wants to go to a film thingy tomorrow night after work. We will see if the previous couple of paragraphs still hold true.

But who cares about all this dreary stuff? This is Bevboy's Blog.

Patricia made a delish stir fry this evening. I wanted to eat all of it, but managed to restrain myself. So, we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I will not have to steal bites of people's sandwiches at work tomorrow. They will be so glad!

I think I will turn in. Lots on the go tomorrow.

See you then.


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