Monday, August 21, 2017

Post 3634 - A Total Eclipse (Or My Heart!)

What a frigging day.

I took Patricia to the doctor this morning. He signed her off work for the full week. But did he sign me off work? Nope! Just because she was his patient, I guess. So and so.

I got to work late and left at my usual time. The eclipse was taking place this afternoon, but I didn't see much of anything. I mean, it may have seemed a little less light than usual at that time of day, but otherwise, I noticed nothing untoward. Sorry.

I got home. Checked in on Patricia. And then I made dinner, a Valley specialty called hamburger hash.

Be nice.

I grew up knowing "hash" to be diced up fried potatoes. Hamburger hash is the fried potatoes with cooked hamburger thrown in. We grew up eating the stuff. After I moved out and got on my own, and visited my folks, my mother would make it for me, much to Dad's dismay, because he was sick of it. After he died, Mom would occasionally make it, and I would eat three, even four plates of the wonderful concoction.

So, anyway, I made it tonight, trying to keep in mind how Mom made it. But I added onions and mushrooms. I had a full plate of it, and Patricia had two full helpings. There is enough for her lunch tomorrow.

Here it is.

Doesn't that look awesome? Couldn't you just bury your face in that and motorboat your way out? Or am I thinking of something else? Whatever. But my point is, this is quality food, folks. The very best. There is no better meal out there than hamburger hash, especially from Valley-raised beef. 

We also took out a turkey breast for a meal this week, along with a package of haddock for a fish dinner, likely for Tuesday night.

We have lots of food in our freezers. Time to consume it.

I have a thing downtown Tuesday morning. They are providing breakfast. I promise to be extra hungry for that.

The humidity is killing me, so I will go wring out the folds of skin on my face and try to get some rest.

See you tomorrow.


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