Friday, August 25, 2017

Post 3638 - Sisyphus Would Be Frustrated

Oh, my goodness.

Oh, my sweet goodness.

Oh, my sweet swollen members of goodness.

Give me strength.

24 hours later, I still haven't got Plex back up and running. I have had a near meltdown on the Plex forums. The guy there is trying to be helpful, but I sense he is becoming frustrated with me.

The latest salvo was that I should actually uninstall Plex and then re-install it. It is not good enough to delete the contents of the corrupted library/database. So, I uninstalled it a few times now. Rebooted each time. Ran the supplied unix command to delete the contents of the library.

Here is the bestest, goodest, cooliest way to remove Plex, from a terminal:

sudo apt-get purge plexmediaserver

That worked, all four times I ran it, after each time I re-installed Plex.

So, anyway, I rebooted the computer and fired up another terminal session. Like I said, four times.

Ran this:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/plexmediaserverv/Library

Which is supposed to delete the contents of the plex library, no questions asked. Instead, it did nothing. It just sat there and mocked me, like a sullen teenager on the couch playing video games while I go off to a job that pays for those video games and the food he stuffs into his maw.

I reinstalled plex, using the package manager and the .deb file I downloaded Thursday night that began this hell. Then restarted the service:

service plexmediaserver start

Then, I just go into my browser and click on the link that is supposed to start Plex. And, just to frig with me, it shows me the contents of the damn-it-to-hell library that is corrupted, and which will not run anything I ask it to.

Words fail me.

Well, polite words fail me.

I can't remember the last time I was more frustrated by something. Something that is supposed to work, and doesn't. Something that should be easy to update and is anything but.

Just now, the guy on the forum left a lovely message:

"At this point, I do not know what is going on with your machine and why the most fundamental commands I've given you do not work.

You're not very experienced with Linux , are you?

If you aren't, and I suspect you aren't, the best advice I can give is to go back to the OS you know better."

Sigh. Double sigh. And it is time to go to bed before I pop a gasket.

Sweet mother of Moses, I could scream.

See you tomorrow.


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