Sunday, August 27, 2017

Post 3640 - Even Better

Another day later...

Plex is running just great. All the television shows' meta data downloaded over night. The movie meta data is still downloading. Will do the same for the albums I ripped from CD's tomorrow.

And this evening I got the Samsung ML 1915 drivers working. My laser printer. I use it quite a bit for my Frank Magazine work, writing and editing and so on. The usual source of driver no longer seemed to work for me. I got frustrated. Then, I thought that maybe, just maybe, Linux Mint had the drivers installed already. I searched in the printers app, and there it was. I shared that printer with the network, and now I can print from the other desktop computer I have here in my home office, about five feet from here.

(Yes. Two computer desks. Two desktop computers. Two usb-powered scanners. Plus a regular desk my father built for me a long time ago. Constructed ingeniously. I would never part with it. Plus, a crap ton of books, and other stuff, all in a relatively small room.)

I feel much better this evening, after the evenings of frustration I went through. Now, I just have to get the fax machine I got a couple of weeks ago up and running. I bought two. I have determined that a couple buttons on one them don't work, so I think it will be useless to me. The second one, which I got for five dollars, looks much more promising. The seller even included a help page that contains most of the assistance I should need to send faxes (I don't need the ability to receive them, so I don't care if that feature works or not.) I will get that working this week. Just need to access someone's fax number so I can send a test fax or two, to see if the thing does a decent job.

Back to work in the morning. Yay.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


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