Monday, August 28, 2017

Post 3641 - Run

Another long day. Bed, soon.

After work tonight, we went to dinner. We had many places in Bayer's Lake to choose from, so where did we go? Pizza Delight. There is nothing delightful about that place. The buffet contained food I would not feed to a dog, but we ate it anyway, which says something about that. During the meal, we looked at each other and pinky swore, used all our fingers on both hands, we would never go back there.

Maybe you heard about this, but this week, Cineplex Odeon theatres in the country are offering the Tuesday night movie prices, every night. Here. Read about it.

We decided to see the new Ryan Reynolds/Samuel L. Jackson flick, "The Hitman's Bodyguard". A buddy movie, only with the violence and cussing ramped up to 11. I liked it, but I heard Patricia roar over and over. I think she liked it more than I did.

Will we go back this week? Hard to say, but I doubt it. Will Cineplex Odeon repeat this? I have a feeling it will. Too many people are balking at the cost of seeing a film in theatres, opting instead to stay at home and watch them on a streaming service. I don't blame them. That is what we usually do.

Is it Friday yet? I want it to be Friday.

See you tomorrow.


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