Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Post 3642 - The Dentist

I have survived another visit to the dentist.

I have a new one, at the  Timberlea Dental Centre. Much closer to my home, and much nicer people who have a degree of patience that I find very comforting. They gave me a bunch of x-rays tonight and asked me some questions and checked that I did not have oral cancer.

After an hour, I was out of there, even happier that my insurance covered 100% of the cost. I am scheduled for my next appointment in January. I won't say I'm looking for it, but I am not dreading either.

I had earned a good dinner, so when I got home, I cooked the steak that Patricia had left out an hour earlier.  Threw some fries in the oven and tossed some mushrooms on the barbecue along with the steak. Not bad. Not the best steak I have ever had, but far from the worst.

Patricia has a headache this evening, so I served her dinner in bed. I have had the living room to myself. Now, I have the home office to myself. Which isn't saying much, because she seldom enters this room. Something about how it is a war zone. Or something.

Three more days until a long weekend. Can I make it?

See you tomorrow.


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