Saturday, September 30, 2017

Post 3565 - A Day Later

Well, I had a productive day at the Archives today. I founds lots of information about an unsolved murder, most of which has not been seen since it happened. That, couple with some information I was able to unearth in the last few days, should be enough to justify my next cold case article in Frank.

I got back to the house around... 2:30, I guess it was. I uploaded the content from the thumb drive I use at the archives, to my dropbox. Then, I went to Pizzatown in Lakeside to get a couple pizzas for our dinner. Several pieces languish in a box in the kitchen. If you want some, just come over.

Tomorrow, I think I will finish staining the front deck. I should have worked on it during the week, but I didn't. Sue me. Patricia will be away at another wood-working course all afternoon, so I feel I should do something to justify my existence.

Then, Monday, I guess we go to the cottage. Time will tell. Gotta limber up our vocal cords so we can yell at the trespassers down there. Good times. Good times.

Got up 7:15 on a Saturday morning so I could be at the Archives by 9. Kinda tired.

You have a good evening, my lovelies.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Post 3564 - Vacation Is Here. Hope It's A Good One

Yay. Vacation is here.

We both have plans this weekend that will keep us in the city, but as of Monday, our goal is to be at the cottage, for the better part of two weeks. And, none too soon.

I got an email this evening from a source telling me that people have been walking our property down there. Trespassers, parking their car on the property, and then walking around it. Others have simply walked down the lane and onto our property, roaming around on it like the gibbering idiots they are.

I have stated it here before. It bears repeating. We despise trespassers. We were brought up to respect private property. What is yours, is yours. What is mine, is mine. Keep off our dirt, because we will keep off yours.

There are those  knuckle-dragging troglodytes who think the law allows people to access a beach via trespassing. There is no such law allowing any such thing. People do not have the right to walk on others' property, unless there is a pond or something on that property, in which case people can, but they must not disturb the property in doing so.

They absolutely cannot ride all-terrain vehicles on private property, either.

If we see any of these GED wannabe's on the property when we are there, we will both go down and gently remind them of our rights, and that they are breaking the law. If they are parked on our land we will get pictures of the car and the license plate. We will call the police and have them handle it. We will not tolerate, abide, or allow anything or anyone to disrupt our right to the quiet enjoyment of our property.

I have wondered for years, decades really, why private property laws are not more strongly enforced by government. I think people think it is the Canadian Way, whatever that is, to let things go, that it is just fine to trespass on private property. We strongly disagree and want to know why no government anywhere in this country has ever tried to give land owners certain inalienable rights regarding their land.  They do own it. They should be to decide who is on their land, at any time.

My source's email tonight has upset both of us. We hope we can calm down by Monday, but something tells me we will have some problems while we are down there. The trespassing has already got so bad that one neighbour on our lane has put his property up for sale. We hope it doesn't get that bad for us.

But you never know.

I think I will need a glass of warm milk to calm me down, so that I can sleep tonight.

Blog posts for the weekend, then spotty posting while we're off. You understand.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Post 3563 - The Blog Turns Ten Soon!

So, the blog turns ten years old in November. Don't believe me? Here. Read the first post. Check out the date.

Believe me now?

Anyway, the blog turns a decade old soon. I am wondering what I should do to celebrate or mark this incredibly important milestone in my life. Keep in mind that I have no budget for this.

It's not like I'm William Gaines, who until his death was the publisher of Mad Magazine, and who had a very interesting back story some of you will know about. But he was not always thrifty with the magazine's money. One time, the story goes, when he learned that the only Mad Magazine subscriber in... Paraguay or whatever the country was, had elected not to renew his subscription, he flew himself and many of the staffers of the magazine to that country so they could show up at his house and convince him to renew.

I can't afford that. Sorry.

I am just wondering what kind of thing you would like me to do to mark this anniversary. Maybe revisit some blog posts from days or yore. Maybe update some of these posts. Write about something I have never written about before. Give out my last name. Whatever.

I am going to label this post, and any post that leads from this one thematically, "BevboysBlogTurnsTen". Collect them all. Amaze your friends.

You can contact me the usual ways. Via email. Via a comment to the tweet that heralds this post. Or on my Facebook. Smoke signals will work nicely, too.

Put on your thinking caps. I'm counting on you.

A prize for the coolest suggestion that pans out? Hmm. I don't know. How about a box of Bevboy's Blog business cards.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Post 3562 - A Day Later

Well, late today, I got that task done that I needed to get done for this week. I will tell you about it as the developments take place.

It is a scant three days before my next vacation starts. We decided not to take vacation during the summer. Well, a day here and there; but this time, we will be off for a full two weeks. The bulk of that vacation we will be out of town, with limited internet access. That means sporadic blog posts. Sorry, but I thought I would prepare you for it now.

I cooked dinner tonight. I had purchased some whole cut up chickens on Sunday, half price. Froze some of them when I got home, but cooked the rest this evening. It has been crazy hot and humid around these here parts. That, coupled with an oven set to 425F for 90 minutes or so, made the house sweltering. Patricia at one point suggested I take off my pants. I was nonplussed. I could take off my pants and risk getting chicken fat splatter all over my lovely legs, or keep my pants on and continue to swelter.

I kept my pants on.

The chicken and potatoes turned out fine. I made plenty, so there will be enough for lunches for a couple of days. Maybe, if you are really, really good, I will give you a piece of roasted chicken for your lunch.

Or not.

Back to investigating an unsolved murder at the Archives tomorrow night. Do you have any suggestions?

Think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Post 3561 - Making My Day

I have been working on a top-secret project this evening. I have done all I can do on it this evening. I look forward to telling you about it.

I got a very nice comment on the blog, very early this morning. It made my Monday, actually. Some two and a half years ago a friend of mine died. I wrote a blog post about it.  Go ahead and read the comments. You'll see that his son, Tristan, wrote me and thanked me for writing the post, which he only discovered on Sunday, on what would have been his dad's 56th birthday.

It is interesting how a post I wrote some time ago, more than 1500 posts ago, can still be out there and can be found with a simple google search. I am glad that this post gave Tristan a bit of comfort on what must have been a sad day for him. His father was a good man, and I miss him, too. I regret that we lost touch in his final years.

I have 4500 posts out there, chockfull of content that you can read to your heart's content. What are you waiting for, people? Start reading! You'll learn about my fear of metaphors, my award-wanna-be-winning "year in review" series, and so much, much more. Hundreds of thousands of words, just awaiting your eyeballs. I envy you, reading them for the first time.

I think I will turn in. I have much to do on Tuesday.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Post 3560 - Deep Roots Weekend

Well, hello there, handsome.

We returned to the city late Saturday afternoon. I should have written a blog post last night, but I was tired. Sorry.

We had a very nice time at Deep Roots this year. We did not go to all the events. Expensive. We did not get a weekend pass as other years. Still, we enjoyed the events we did see.

Patricia felt like a school girl watching the Lennie Gallant concert. Darrin Harvey introduced him and related the story about how, as a very young broadcaster, he introduced the Crashtest Dummies at Acadia University's University Hall. Gallant opened up for them, and Darrin made some kind of mistake in that introduction. Afterward, Gallant sought out Darrin, and they became friends. Darrin also said that Gallant is the only he knows who has Jimmy Buffett's phone number on his cell phone. Buffett has recorded at least one of Gallant's songs.

Anyway, the Gallant concert was fine. He was in fine form. The show was recorded for some kind of later broadcast, so it seemed a bit  overly polished, with very little spontaneity. I got the feeling he was reading his banter off a script somewhere.

After the show was over, Patricia got Gallant to sign a cd for her. She was in heaven.

Friday at noon, we returned to Wolfville to see the amazing Jonathan Byrd and Johnny Waken. Waken uses a modified hand saw as a musical instrument. He plays guitars and jumps around like a guy with ants in his pants. He and Byrd both sing like angels. We saw them when they were at Deep Roots in... 2014? 2015? and loved them. Patricia started following him on Facebook. We were both thrilled to see them return this year. Byrd used to have two "Pick up Cowboys", but one of them died, so now it is down to "just" him and Waken.

After that was over, we returned to the house only to leave again at 3:30 as we were going on a tour of one of the breweries in Port Williams. There are two there, now. Plus a distillery. Growing up, the village was dry as butterless toast. Now, not only can you get a drink, but they manufacture alcohol there. Anyway, as part of the tour, we were each given a growler and a drinking glass. The drinking glass from the Wayfarer's Ale Society will be the new water glass I use at work every day, starting tomorrow, if I think of it. Drop by and see it.

Friday night, we returned to Wolfville for the evening show, which featured five performer, four of whom we liked a lot, especially a repeat performance by Jonathan Byrd and Johnny Waken.

Here are a bunch of pictures for you to look at...

In 2016, we went to Deep Roots but walked away disappointed. We very nearly did not attend this year. Now, we look forward to Deep Roots 2018. Maybe only going to a few events this year was what the doctor ordered.

Saturday morning we stayed in. Patricia watched some stuff on tv. I puttered in the kitchen. We returned in the afternoon.

Today, I stained about half the front deck. I hope to do the other half in the next day or so. Long overdue. Shame on me for not staining the deck in 2016.

We return to work in the morning. These long weekends go by soooo quickly.

I missed writing you the last few days. I will try to get back on a regular schedule.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Post 3659 - Chris de Burgh

Back home from the Chris  de Burgh concert. In short: we loved it. The man is getting older, and cannot hit all the high notes any more, but by and large, he was in fine form.

He was funny. He was playful. He was in control from beginning to end. And, during "Lady in Red", he walked among the audience and shook hands with folks, and even danced with some of the ladies in red in attendance.

I was so happy that he did "High on Emotion", a song  you cannot dislike. Patricia was disappointed when they did not do "Patricia the Stripper", only to learn that it was the final song of the evening.

Such a good time.

Not the end of the music this week. Lennie Gallant in Wolfville Thursday night, plus other Deep Roots stuff Friday and Saturday.

Chris is playing in Halifax Thursday night as well. I would imagine there are still some tickets left, as tonight's show was not sold out. Do yourself a favour and go, will you?

Pushing midnight. I really should turn in.

See you tomorrow.