Friday, September 1, 2017

Post 3645- HUGE Radio News

I KNEW it wouldn't last forever. I KNEW it wasn't over on June 30th when she did her final show on 89.9 The Wave.

Denyse Sibley returns to the airwaves, this time to Hot Country 103.5.

Right about now, on that fine station, which you can listen to here, Ian Robinson is announcing that Denyse will be back on the radio on a part-time basis.  She will host a segment at 8:40 each weekday morning called "Hot Country Skinny". It will be a news segment about country music. It will be repeated at 4:45 each afternoon.

Program Director JD Desrosiers tells me that Denyse will be the "station ambassador" in truth this time. Not the bullshit title they gave her at Maritime Broadcasting last year

JD also says that Denyse may also fill in on the station when others goes on vacation, too.

"Yes, it's true. I am back on country radio and thrilled to be part of the Hot Country team", Denyse enthuses. She was done with radio at the end of June and had moved on to a new career. "I wasn't planning on coming back", she insists. But the groundswell of support from her listeners saying that she was missed, swayed her.

"It has been a very humbling experience. I said when I moved on it was a privilege to be welcomed every day into people's lives. I guess when I left people missed me. Hot Country have provided me with an opportunity to keep that alive."

The fun begins... now!

(Yeah, I know that the above pics are very similar, but they are for different social media platforms.)

I do wonder how Denyse's former employer will react to this exciting news. They can reach me for comment here.

In other Hot Country 103.5 news, JD tells me that they will soon be staffing the station at night, Wednesday through Friday, until 11pm. The person will also be working on the weekends, so we will have live radio there outside of morning and afternoon drive. The new announcer is Lexi Hirtle. Here she is, for reference:

I got her picture from Facebook, in case you were wondering.

She will voice track this weekend, and will be live at nights, starting Tuesday. Please check out her show, which will normally run Wednesday to Friday, six pm until midnight, plus noon to six on Saturdays and Sunday. I know I will.

Hot Country 103.5 mornings remain with Ian and Dana, with Denyse's input. Afternoons are still with "Cruise".

I'm excited about these changes. Any time a station decides to add more bodies to the on air staff it is a good thing.

Now, JD, please bring back Scotty Mars' heavy metal show over at Live 105. Pretty please?

See you tomorrow.


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