Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Post 3646 - Four Days Later...

And hello there, you little miscreants. Did you miss me?

I am sorry I haven't written the last few days. Saturday, we were gonna go to the cottage, but instead frigged off to parts out Hubbards way. We went to the farmer's market there, but along the way picked up a few things at yard sales. I got an Apline beer mug, probably one of like three of them in Nova Scotia, because nobody drinks Alpine beer in this province. I only drink it because I hired some guys to build a new deck in 2014. The head carpenter liked to drink Alpine beer. I bought them some, and acquired a taste for it, myself. So, anyway, now I have an Alpine beer mug to drink Alpine beer from. Yummy.

We made our way to the Farmer's market in Hubbards, arriving  about 8 minutes before it would close, which made Patricia very happy with me. Very, very, very happy indeed.

We left that place after 8 minutes and drove to Chester, where we had lunch at The Stretch Diner. Food was fine. I had the clubhouse sammich. Patricia had scallops and chips.

While at lunch, I connected to the free wifi and discovered that our cottage neighbour had left me a message. He had shown up there on the 20th, and would be leaving on September 6th. Since we had not seen him in three years, we decided we would go to the cottage, Sunday morning. We returned to the house mid-afternoon and took the rest of the day to recover for the early Sunday morning drive.

Sunday came, but we did not leave early. It was more like 9:15 or so. We arrived at the cottage around 11:45, after a quick trip to the Sobeys in Pictou. We were not at the cottage for more than 3 minutes where James came over and visited. His wife remained in Baltimore with her mother, who is unwell. He was there by himself. We chatted for a few hours and promised to come down for dinner, which we prepared. More haddock.

We remained at his cottage until after 10pm. I had two glasses of wine. A small glass of maple-flavoured vodka, and another alcoholic beverage. Much more alcohol than I am used to consuming in one sitting. Patricia had some alcohol as well. We returned to the cottage and fell asleep in front of the television.

Monday morning, Labour Day, I was not feeling well. Headache. My usual migraine. Probably a hangover. Took one of my pills, which helped a bit. Returned to bed around 8:30, and got up a couple of hours later. Returned to bed again. Didn't really get up until 1pm. Had something to eat. Visited James again before we returned to the city around 3:00. Patricia had to do the driving as I still felt like carp. Er, crap.

When we returned home, I immediately made a bee-line for my recliner, where I rested for a few more hours. I took a second headache pill, which is something I very, very seldom have to do. My head felt as though spikes had been driven through it. I went back to bed. Slept through the night. Patricia, meanwhile, feared she would have to take me to emergency.

She assumed I would have to take a sick day today, but I awoke around 5:15 and had my shower and shave and prepared for work. Felt fine. Which is great, because my team back up is on vacation this week, and several high profile requests came in that required my attention.

Tonight, we had dinner, watched some television, and now it is bed time. No headache tonight.

So, my lesson is: do not mix wine with spirits. Does not lead to anything good. At least I didn't have Alpine beer on top of the mix. Might have killed me.

You guys have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.


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