Friday, September 8, 2017

Post 3649 - Friday Night Ramblings.

Well, here it is, pushing midnight on Friday night. In the morning, I will go to the Archives to investigate a few cases. I have decided which case to write about in the coming days for the next issue of Frank. That is half the battle. The other half involves additional research and writing the thing. I told my editor that this one will not be as long as some others, and he is okay with that. It is nice to be wanted.

We started to watch Transparent this evening, but as on Thursday night, Patricia fell asleep during the same episode. We will try again tomorrow.

So, last night, I noticed that the marijuana dispensary in Timberlea had suddenly closed. The sign was down and everything. I was gonna ask on Facebook what happened, but forgot. I just saw on the late news that the place was raided by the Mounties, and four people have been charged with drug trafficking.

Funny about all these raids. Marijuana will be legal in Canada in July of 2018, and will likely be government regulated after that, so I don't get why all these dispensaries are opening everywhere, and in such a brazen way as to invite these raids. If they were just selling stuff that goes with drugs, like the Market in Wolfville, they'd be safe, but they go to the point of selling the stuff. Do they think the laws don't apply to them, or something? Or do they think that, in anticipation of the law changing next year, that the cops won't bother raiding them? I don't understand what they're thinking, or what their business model really is.

I think I will do more of these Friday night ramblings. Gets stuff off my chest.

On that note, I will turn in. Lots going on tomorrow.

See you then.


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