Sunday, September 10, 2017

Post 3650 - Sunday NIght Musings.


Didn't write on Saturday. Tired last night. I had spent several hours at the Archives and found some interesting things for a future Frank article. I also found some articles about the Valley in a few 1916 issues of the Kentville Advertiser. Ads for long, long, long-ago restaurants, and a bookstore called Weavers, and the "Nicklet" movie theater, which I am thinking was the name of the place that is now part of the parking lot by White's Funeral Home. I'll bet that not even Louis Comeau knows about some of those places!

(Update. Yes, Louis Comeau knows about all those places. He tells me that he has "thousands" of these old ads in his possession. Is there anything about Kentville that he doesn't know?)

I find the history of these old businesses fascinating. There are a lot of old buildings out there housing modern businesses. I often wonder what was in a particular building, say, 50 years ago. Short of examining business directories, or from historians like Louis, I am not sure where a person can turn to find this out.

I mean, I am from Port Williams. When you go across the bridge into the village, there is a building housing a woman's used clothing shop, and then "The Noodle Guy". That building has housed so many places over the years. I remember when it was a hardware store. Both parts had a... well, let's be generous and call it an antique place. Eventually the... antique place centralized to one part, and The Wharf General store took over the right hand side, where it remained until a couple of years ago. It closed, and the woman's clothing place moved in.

The Noodle Guy was originally up the street and took over that space when the previous occupant, a guy who sold home-made furniture or something, moved out. The Noodle Guy has quite a business going there. The food is good. He has theme nights. He hires musicians to play there from time to time, just as The Port Pub down the street does.

Port Williams has become an eclectic part of the Valley. I am from there and remember when it was anything but.

Anyway, after the archives, I went home and ate something. We watched some stuff on tv. Turned in relatively late.

Today, Patricia went to see the Wizard of Oz at the Oxford Theatre, which closes in a few days forever. From there she went to some plant thing at the Library. While she was gone, I busied myself going through my wardrobe, filling two garbage bags of clothes I no longer want. She was pleased to see that much going out.

Another weekend gone. Where do they go, anyway?

Time for beddy bye.

See you tomorrow.


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