Monday, September 11, 2017

Post 3651 - Monday Night Reflections

Running late. Pushing 10:30. Spent the last hour or so working on the latest cold-case article for Frank. This one has been quite hard to find information about. It will not be one of my longer articles.

As soon as I finish this article I will have to start working on the next one. I work on a whole bunch at once, but there is one in particular I would like to work on next. It is a case that has been... well, maybe not "under reported", but certainly has not had enough press. I hope to be able to rectify that, soon.

We watched the first episode of "The Orville" this evening. It is  Seth MacFarlane's new show, a gentle spoof of the various Star Trek series. I like it. I wonder if I will like it as much, or even more, than the new Star Trek series that debuts later on this month. The cult of Star Trek has mostly been lost on me over the decades. I used to watch the original series on CBC television every Saturday, where it ran around lunch time for years and years and years. I enjoyed that. It was so popular in that time slot that when they finally removed it and ran "The Prisoner" in its place, there was a hue and cry, and "Star Trek" was reinstated, maybe even before all 17 episodes of The Prisoner had been broadcast.

Next Generation started during my final semester of university, 30(!) years ago. I was so busy with my studies that I barely had time to watch any television, or eat, or sleep, but did see one or two episodes, and was unimpressed. The show grew on me as the years passed, and I became quite fond of it when MITV started running it at five pm every day.

Don't get me started on "Deep Space Nine", "Voyager", or "Enterprise". I found them all dull, listless, and the equivalent of eating one's vegetables before consuming something one wants. 

So, this is my way of saying that my expectations for Star Trek:Discovery are low, nearly non-existent. Which is why I may very well end up preferring "The Orville". Your mileage may very, of course. Feel free to pillory me for expressing an opinion contrary to yours, because that is the way things are these days.

See you tomorrow.


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