Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Post 3652 - Tuesday, Tuesday.

Well, this never happens. I filed my latest Frank article this evening, which is pretty early. My editor will be pleased to have it early so he can make any changes he sees fit.

This means I can go to the archives Wednesday night and not have to worry about going home and finishing the article then. Frees up the rest of my evenings this week, actually.

We had a stirfry for dinner this evening. I cooked the chicken on the barbecue, while Patricia cooked the veggies and the rice noodles. We each had two plates. Somehow managed to find room in the fridge for all the extra veggies and things she bought after work. I think I broke a couple laws of physics doing so, the ones dealing with multiple items occupying the same space at the same time.

We started watching a show this evening we had not seen before, on Netflix. "Shameless", the U.S. version starring William H. Macy, was a show we had not bothered to check out, but it showed up in a Netflix queue, so we watched the pilot. Well acted and everything, but insulting at the same time, maybe even offensive. I knew a lot of pretty poor people growing up. We were hardly rich ourselves. And we did not frigging steal flyers so we could stock up on coupons, or purloin toilet paper from businesses. We also didn't socialize the way they do on the show, because we didn't have the money. I am not sure if I will keep watching the show.

I'm gonna turn in. I think I am coming down with a cold and should try to sleep this off.

See you tomorrow.


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