Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Post 3653 - What Should I Do?

So, how are you this evening, my little pretties?

All the bloody construction in Halifax is taking a toll on people. We have to take a different route to work now: a detour as the usual route is under construction. That sucks enough. What really drove people to distraction today was that a water main ruptured on Bayer's Road this morning. They managed to get one lane each inbound and outbound for rush hour traffic, but the police were asking folks to consider another path home. There are only so many such paths, and a couple of those are under constructions, so you can imagine the frustration people have.

Rather than meet at the Superstore on Young Street, Patricia and I agreed to hook up at the Wal*Mart on Mumford, which took me quite a while to get to. Patricia took the bus as far as she could, until even the bus driver admitted that she could go no further and suggested that those who wanted to get to their destinations might get there faster by foot. Patricia took the hint and hoofed the rest of the way.

We got what we wanted there, and then drove home, using, of course, the detoured route. I cooked some more chicken on the barbecue while Patricia prepared more stirfry.

Maybe I should have gone to the Archives tonight. Would have been more productive.

The dishes are piling up in the sink. Every night I say I will wash them. Every night, the pile gets bigger and bigger, higher and higher. We are running out of forks. Butter knives are on the endangered list.

I'll wash them tomorrow night.


See you tomorrow. I will give you an update on the dishes situation.


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