Sunday, September 17, 2017

Post 3656 - The End Of Another Weekend

Sunday night. back to work tomorrow.

So, my weekend was fine. How was yours?

As we had promised each other, on Friday we went to the BFM thrift store in... Lower Sackville, I guess it is, to donate four garbage bags of clothing. We went inside. It was blue tag day, where nearly everything with a blue tag on it was half off, except clothing, which was a dollar per item. I got a few more shirts.

I am not ashamed to state that I purchase clothing at a thrift store. Nobody should be. I have purchased shirts that still had the tags on them, brand-name shirts, that were just a few dollars each. When you get "dollar shirts" like the ones I got on Friday, plus the "two dollar shirts" at the Sally Ann a couple of weeks ago, I can go right to town and refresh my bloody wardrobe for very little money. I grew up without a lot of money, and still love a bargain.

I do admit, however, that I have poor luck finding shoes in these stores. Men tend to wear out their shoes to the points where they need to be thrown out. I sure do. But, shirts, no problem.

From there, we meandered our way to the Valley and stayed the night. We watched a few episodes of a show on Netflix and turned in early. Saturday, we picked a few dozen ears of corn at Taproot Farms, as they had an overabundance in corn, the result of some large sales opportunities slipping away. We then went to the Garlic Festival that was at a Valley winery before returning to the city. I picked up a gallon of semi-transparent stain at the Kent in Bayer's Lake along the way. Stayed in last night.

And, today, we returned to Bayer's Lake to get a few things, but otherwise stayed close to home.

Another three day weekend is behind me. Back to reality in the morning.

A three day work week this week. A concert on Wednesday night. Another one on Thursday. Lots of fun which I will tell you about as the time approaches.

Off to beddy bye for Bevboy.

See you tomorrow.


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