Monday, September 18, 2017

Post 3657 - Two Days To Go

Monday night. Getting late. And it is less than two days away from the Chris de Burgh concert.

I remember very well hearing "Lady in Red" on the radio back in... 1986, I think it was. He had other hits like "Don't Pay the Ferryman", which I hope is some kind of metaphor for some darned thing or other. But my fave song by him is "High on Emotion".

I look forward to telling you about the show when we get home Wednesday night, late.

Thursday night we will be back in the Valley to see some of the Deep Roots shows. We did not get a weekend pass this year. Almost decided not to go at all as last year's festival was a bit disappointing. But they are refocusing this year, only having one event outside the town of Wolfville, that being a brunch thingy at the Noodle Guy in Port Williams. In other years, they would have what I called "satellite performances" at the Old Orchard Inn, the Paddy's Pub in Kentville, or even way the frig over to Berwick's Union Street Cafe. This year, with that one exception, everything is in Wolfville town limits. I cannot disagree with that decision.

When we were there this past weekend, we took a turkey breast out of the freezer, and into the fridge. By the time we return on Thursday, it will long since have thawed out, and we can cook it and have several meals out of it.

Lots of live music this week. And it starts in two days.

Can hardly wait.

See you tomorrow.


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