Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Post 3658 - What Not To Do

So, it's late. I get up for work in just over six hours. Long day tomorrow, what with the Chris de Burgh concert. So, what do I do to relax? I watch a 20 minute video on youtube about unsolved murders and missing persons cases.

I grant you, they are all in the U.S., but I had never heard of a couple of them, and they are as mysterious as they come. Just makes me wonder why, with all the resources and media in this province, it falls to little old me to become known for writing about these cases in Nova Scotia. Very easily, someone from the CBC or CTV or Global or News 95.7 could supplant me and my work. I guess it comes down to not wanting to do it. If they cover these stories at all, they just dust off the official police press releases, indicate whether the case has been registered with the provincial rewards for major unsolved crimes program, and if they are enterprising, maybe even get a quotation from a relative or friend of the missing or deceased person. 30 minutes, tops.  Not good enough!!

Anyway, here is the link to that video. I suggest you not watch it late at night, unless you are not at all bothered by this stuff. I most assuredly am.

My latest true crime piece for Frank Magazine, about the 2008 murder of Daniel Newman, appears in the issue that goes on sale on Wednesday morning at more discerning stores in Nova Scotia. This is one of the sadder cases I have written about. A guy who grew up in a loving family, with some money, who just descends into a life of crime and drug use. Read about it and let me know what you think of it.

I think I will turn in. A very long day tomorrow. Concert review, I promise!

See you then.


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