Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Post 3562 - A Day Later

Well, late today, I got that task done that I needed to get done for this week. I will tell you about it as the developments take place.

It is a scant three days before my next vacation starts. We decided not to take vacation during the summer. Well, a day here and there; but this time, we will be off for a full two weeks. The bulk of that vacation we will be out of town, with limited internet access. That means sporadic blog posts. Sorry, but I thought I would prepare you for it now.

I cooked dinner tonight. I had purchased some whole cut up chickens on Sunday, half price. Froze some of them when I got home, but cooked the rest this evening. It has been crazy hot and humid around these here parts. That, coupled with an oven set to 425F for 90 minutes or so, made the house sweltering. Patricia at one point suggested I take off my pants. I was nonplussed. I could take off my pants and risk getting chicken fat splatter all over my lovely legs, or keep my pants on and continue to swelter.

I kept my pants on.

The chicken and potatoes turned out fine. I made plenty, so there will be enough for lunches for a couple of days. Maybe, if you are really, really good, I will give you a piece of roasted chicken for your lunch.

Or not.

Back to investigating an unsolved murder at the Archives tomorrow night. Do you have any suggestions?

Think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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