Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Post 3563 - The Blog Turns Ten Soon!

So, the blog turns ten years old in November. Don't believe me? Here. Read the first post. Check out the date.

Believe me now?

Anyway, the blog turns a decade old soon. I am wondering what I should do to celebrate or mark this incredibly important milestone in my life. Keep in mind that I have no budget for this.

It's not like I'm William Gaines, who until his death was the publisher of Mad Magazine, and who had a very interesting back story some of you will know about. But he was not always thrifty with the magazine's money. One time, the story goes, when he learned that the only Mad Magazine subscriber in... Paraguay or whatever the country was, had elected not to renew his subscription, he flew himself and many of the staffers of the magazine to that country so they could show up at his house and convince him to renew.

I can't afford that. Sorry.

I am just wondering what kind of thing you would like me to do to mark this anniversary. Maybe revisit some blog posts from days or yore. Maybe update some of these posts. Write about something I have never written about before. Give out my last name. Whatever.

I am going to label this post, and any post that leads from this one thematically, "BevboysBlogTurnsTen". Collect them all. Amaze your friends.

You can contact me the usual ways. Via email. Via a comment to the tweet that heralds this post. Or on my Facebook. Smoke signals will work nicely, too.

Put on your thinking caps. I'm counting on you.

A prize for the coolest suggestion that pans out? Hmm. I don't know. How about a box of Bevboy's Blog business cards.

See you tomorrow.


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