Friday, September 29, 2017

Post 3564 - Vacation Is Here. Hope It's A Good One

Yay. Vacation is here.

We both have plans this weekend that will keep us in the city, but as of Monday, our goal is to be at the cottage, for the better part of two weeks. And, none too soon.

I got an email this evening from a source telling me that people have been walking our property down there. Trespassers, parking their car on the property, and then walking around it. Others have simply walked down the lane and onto our property, roaming around on it like the gibbering idiots they are.

I have stated it here before. It bears repeating. We despise trespassers. We were brought up to respect private property. What is yours, is yours. What is mine, is mine. Keep off our dirt, because we will keep off yours.

There are those  knuckle-dragging troglodytes who think the law allows people to access a beach via trespassing. There is no such law allowing any such thing. People do not have the right to walk on others' property, unless there is a pond or something on that property, in which case people can, but they must not disturb the property in doing so.

They absolutely cannot ride all-terrain vehicles on private property, either.

If we see any of these GED wannabe's on the property when we are there, we will both go down and gently remind them of our rights, and that they are breaking the law. If they are parked on our land we will get pictures of the car and the license plate. We will call the police and have them handle it. We will not tolerate, abide, or allow anything or anyone to disrupt our right to the quiet enjoyment of our property.

I have wondered for years, decades really, why private property laws are not more strongly enforced by government. I think people think it is the Canadian Way, whatever that is, to let things go, that it is just fine to trespass on private property. We strongly disagree and want to know why no government anywhere in this country has ever tried to give land owners certain inalienable rights regarding their land.  They do own it. They should be to decide who is on their land, at any time.

My source's email tonight has upset both of us. We hope we can calm down by Monday, but something tells me we will have some problems while we are down there. The trespassing has already got so bad that one neighbour on our lane has put his property up for sale. We hope it doesn't get that bad for us.

But you never know.

I think I will need a glass of warm milk to calm me down, so that I can sleep tonight.

Blog posts for the weekend, then spotty posting while we're off. You understand.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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