Saturday, September 30, 2017

Post 3565 - A Day Later

Well, I had a productive day at the Archives today. I founds lots of information about an unsolved murder, most of which has not been seen since it happened. That, couple with some information I was able to unearth in the last few days, should be enough to justify my next cold case article in Frank.

I got back to the house around... 2:30, I guess it was. I uploaded the content from the thumb drive I use at the archives, to my dropbox. Then, I went to Pizzatown in Lakeside to get a couple pizzas for our dinner. Several pieces languish in a box in the kitchen. If you want some, just come over.

Tomorrow, I think I will finish staining the front deck. I should have worked on it during the week, but I didn't. Sue me. Patricia will be away at another wood-working course all afternoon, so I feel I should do something to justify my existence.

Then, Monday, I guess we go to the cottage. Time will tell. Gotta limber up our vocal cords so we can yell at the trespassers down there. Good times. Good times.

Got up 7:15 on a Saturday morning so I could be at the Archives by 9. Kinda tired.

You have a good evening, my lovelies.


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