Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Post 3659 - Chris de Burgh

Back home from the Chris  de Burgh concert. In short: we loved it. The man is getting older, and cannot hit all the high notes any more, but by and large, he was in fine form.

He was funny. He was playful. He was in control from beginning to end. And, during "Lady in Red", he walked among the audience and shook hands with folks, and even danced with some of the ladies in red in attendance.

I was so happy that he did "High on Emotion", a song  you cannot dislike. Patricia was disappointed when they did not do "Patricia the Stripper", only to learn that it was the final song of the evening.

Such a good time.

Not the end of the music this week. Lennie Gallant in Wolfville Thursday night, plus other Deep Roots stuff Friday and Saturday.

Chris is playing in Halifax Thursday night as well. I would imagine there are still some tickets left, as tonight's show was not sold out. Do yourself a favour and go, will you?

Pushing midnight. I really should turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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