Monday, October 16, 2017

Post 3577 - RIP, John Dunsworth

Well, I just learned that John Dunsworth died. You know, Mr. Lahey from the Trailer Park Boys.

I was only ever a casual fan of the show, which has defied all logic by remaining on the air in new episodes years and years after anybody cared about the show, sort of like a Canadian "South Park". But even though I was not that big a fan, I was a fan of John Dunsworth's, who played Lahey with such abandon and enthusiasm that you couldn't help but watch him.

He had an extremely varied career, and seemed to take on any kind of role offered to him, probably because he lived in Nova Scotia most of his life and acting roles are not exactly plentiful at the best of times.

I only ever met him once. I think it was at the Spatz Theatre at Citadel High School, at the Sons of Anarchy discussion that Kim Coates was invited to. I can only imagine they knew each other, having worked at Neptune Theatre in various productions over the years. Somewhere I have a phone picture of Dunsworth posing with Patricia. I will try and find it.

It's a testament to his acting ability that John Dunsworth played Mr. Lahey, an inveterate drunk and gambler, but did not drink in real life, and embarked on an anti-gambling crusade in recent years that bordered on the over zealous and puritanical.

I have to respect a guy who lives his life the way he bloody wants to and doesn't let anything get in the way of that resolve. I wish I had a tenth of that determination.

Rest in peace, John Dunsworth!

See you tomorrow.


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