Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Post 3578 - Traffic and Construction


I need a drink.

Maybe two.

Traffic in Halifax is a nightmare. All the bloody construction is driving me crazy. It can take me as little as 20 minutes to drive from my  home in Timberlea to my work.

Took me 65 minutes this morning.

The construction on the St. Margaret's Bay Road has been delayed over and over. Especially disheartening was the news on Monday that the road will not be open again until the end of November. Two major delays. I am not putting money on it being open then. How about Christmas? Of 2018?

But that is only a tiny part of it. There is so much construction in so many parts of the Halifax and Dartmouth that thousands of people are inconvenienced every day. Plus businesses are suffering. I don't know how many of them are holding on. I feel sorry for them.

I am sick unto death of municipal politicians telling us to be patient about this work. That things will be so much better once it is over. Be patient. "Shut up" is more like it. I cannot remember the last time I was more disappointed by so many municipal politicians than many of this sorry lot.

Why can't we have politicians at the municipal level who would at least pretend to listen, to give a darn when people complain to them about the traffic and the construction and the frustration? At least say something like, "I feel your pain"?

But no.

They just tell us to keep waiting.

Businesses are suffering. Drivers are getting so frustrated that I am shocked that there are not more accidents.

We just want this to be over.

When, folks? When?

See you tomorrow.


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