Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Post 3582 - Two Days Later

Well, that was fun.

I did not write last evening because I wasn't feeling very well. My head was lolling about by 7:30. I came downstairs to rest on my recliner for 30 minutes or so, after which I would work on my next cold case article for Frank.

I was down for the night, pretty much.

My goodness, I slept a lot last night. But I felt perfectly fine this morning and went to work and everything. This evening, Patricia was getting her hair done, so I was able to research some cold case files at the library for a couple of hours. I found quite a bit of information about other cases to write about at a later date, some cases I had already written about, and one or two cases I knew nothing about. I learned about a missing persons case from 2000 I had never heard of before. Good chance it has long since been resolved, but that clippings the library had did not show that, just the initial article.

In the last few minutes, about 10:45, I sent the latest article to my editor. Trying a couple of slightly different things this time. We will see how it plays out.

Very little else to report, so I think I will turn in. Patricia has Pilates tomorrow night, so I will be home late tomorrow night, too.

See you tomorrow.


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