Thursday, October 26, 2017

Post 3583 - The Weekend Is Here (Again!)

Off till Monday.

I love these three day weekends. I always approach them with a great sense of anticipation. But, come Sunday night, I will wonder where they went. Always the way.

Patricia had Pilates after work, so I was left cooling my heels at work for a while. I got hungry so I grabbed something and just made it to the Pilates studio in time to see Patricia put on her coat. I suspect she was a few seconds away from calling me and wondering where the frig I was. Skin of my teeth.

We got home and just beat the rain. It is supposed to rain like crazy over night, but I haven't heard anything yet.

We have all kinds of plans for the weekend. Best to tell you about them as the time approaches.

See you tomorrow.


1 comment:

Ken said...

Well, it sure rained here all evening. Be glad you missed it!