Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Post 3567 - Still Here

Very early Wednesday morning...

No. We still haven't gone to the cottage. We have been in the city doing stuff. Monday morning we had lunch at the Haligonian Cafe and Bistro. It was really good food. I had the clubhouse. Patricia had the fishcakes. we shared a large Caesar salad. We will go back.

We spent the balance of the day watching stuff on Netflix.

Today we decided to go see a movie, so at 12:30 we saw The Kingsmen: The Golden Circle on Imax at the Bayer's Lake theatres. What a mess of a film. A Bevboy rule of movies is that any film that starts out with a balls-to-the-wall action sequence is overcompensating, because it will cover up for many slow, pointless scenes in the middle. This one was no exception. Channing Tatum was wasted. I agree with the comments from, I believe Leonard Maltin, when he stated that Taron Egerton, who plays Eggsy, is already too old to be playing this character, at age 27. There was a loud, frenetic action sequence in the first film, that took place in a church. The sequel has two such sequences. See it on cheap day.

It was nice to see a film on IMAX on Tuesday at noontime, because Patricia and I were the only ones there. It was like having our own IMAX screen for a few hours. A fella could get used to that.

After the film, we ambled around Bayer's Lake a bit. There was a guy selling fish out of the back of a truck. We bought three pounds of haddock, and I cooked it for dinner tonight. There is still a bit of it left in the fridge, maybe for lunch on Wednesday.

Will we get to the cottage on Wednesday? I am not sure yet. I will let you know.

I think I will turn in. Adventures await!

See you soon.


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