Thursday, October 5, 2017

Post 3568 - Still, Still Here

Well, we are still in the city. Silly us.

Wednesday afternoon, we went to the store in Bayer's Lake that is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity. Patricia found a fully-assembled Adirondack chair for $50, so she got it. It didn't fit in the Soul, so we had to remove the arms until we got it home and re-assembled it. Looks great there on the front deck.

On Thursday morning, we drove to the new Ikea in Dartmouth Crossing. They say it is as large as four football fields, a measurement lost on me since I don't follow sports. Suffice it to say that it is a very big store. We had the Swedish meat balls. We looked at most everything. I got some batteries, a couple of LED light bulbs for two dollars each, and a package of screw nails and plastic anchors you place in drywall. A nice store, but we won't be going back any time soon. We don't understand the appeal of the place. We don't understand why it will be such a huge draw to people, not just in the province, but in the remaining Atlantic provinces.

We made our way back to Halifax, and hung around Chapters in Bayer's Lake for a spell before returning home. I took a nap. After I got up, and showered, I started working on a draft of my next true crime piece for Frank. And now, just past 1:30am on Friday morning, that draft is done. I will revise it in the morning and send it to my editor later on Friday.

The cottage is still a place we plan to get to. But we're still having fun in the city, so why ruin a good thing?

I guess I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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