Thursday, November 2, 2017

Post 3587 - Is It The Weekend Yet?

Thursday night. Late.

I didn't write last night because I was bushed. Work is very busy these days, and by the time I get home, I often need to put my feet up.


I deeply regret missing so many blog deadlines lately. I try to write something every day, but in the last couple of years, that has not always been possible. There are some days that just do not lend themselves to writing these posts.

I had to unfriend a person on Facebook today. I did not take this action lightly. I do not mind it when people disagree with me. I don't mind it when people challenge my thoughts and feelings about things. That is all fine. I don't even mind if people yell at me from time to time. It used to bother me. I admit that. But time has made me care less and less what people think of me.

I mean, I don't want people to hate me. Nobody wants that. But if someone doesn't like me, it is not something that will keep me up at night. Any more.

But, a day or so ago, I posted a link to a CBC article about trespassers. Here it is. People wandering about a man's property, incorrectly thinking that it was some kind of park. Google maps got it wrong. He corrects them and asks them to leave, but the trespassing continues.

This would infuriate me and I mentioned it on my Facebook. Others agreed with me, and some said words to the effect, "Oh, come on, Bev! Get over it!". But this one person went to town on me, all bitter that she did not own her own property, that it belongs to all of us, and so on, and so on. Other disagreed with her. I tried to reason with her, before I gave up.

Then, she told me that if it bothered me so much that I should get a gun and go shoot them.

That crossed a line with me.

I don't mind if you disagree with me, or even take me to task for something. But if you tell me to go break the law, try to incite me to violence, think that I am capable of taking up arms against a person, then you and I are done.

I do not countenance violence. I will defend myself if I have to (poorly, I'm sure). But I am sure as hell not going to go out there and get a firearm and use it to open fire on someone.

So I unfriended her.

She wrote me privately on Facebook this afternoon. Told me it was "low" of me to unfriend her and then have my other friends unload on her. I told her to have a nice day and then blocked her.

It felt good.

I will do it again if someone pushes my buttons enough.

I am going to turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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