Sunday, November 5, 2017

Post 3588 - Where Was I?

Hello there, you little devils you!

I am sorry I haven't written the last few nights. Friday was a pretty busy day at work. That evening, during the news, I dozed off. I was pretty much down for the night.

Saturday morning I got up early and drove to the Valley. I had some errands to run down there, and promised Patricia I would do some cleaning up at the house. I spent a couple of hours breaking down boxes and lashing them together for the next recycling day in Halifax.

Saturday afternoon, I plopped myself in front of the tv and fired up Netflix so I could finish watching the last few episodes of "Mindhunter". The producers say they have a five year plan for the show, and I hope they get to live that dream.

Today, I got up and puttered around the house before loading up the car and leaving around 1pm. I dropped off to the IGA store in Wolfville and got a few groceries before returning to the house. I was greeted with the usual indifference from Patricia and the cat.

I have spent the last few hours making dinner, washing dishes, and showering in anticipation of returning to work in the morning.

So... let's talk about my productivity.

I regret that I am not blogging every day. I believe that blogs should be "fed" as much as possible, with daily being a goal. But increasingly that has not been possible for me. I get home late from work. Or, I get home at my usual time, but my body shuts down on me ten minutes after I get home. I will try to improve. I am sorry. I am aware that this is a problem and will work hard to improve.

I think I will turn in. Heading into a busy period at work, so I need my shuteye.

See you tomorrow.

For sure.



Allan Carrie said...

It was nic to see you "face to face" at Sobeys in New Mindless the other day. How long has it been since we actually spoke to one another that way? Close to thirty years I think.

Bevboy said...

Allan, so good to see you, too. Please, let us keep in touch. I have lost touch with too many people over the years.