Monday, November 6, 2017

Post 3589 - I Love GE Clock Radios.

And here I am, a day later, writing a blog post.

Wow. A blog post last night. And one tonight. What will they think of next? How much would you pay now?

A long day at work. We have a deadline to get a certain series of tasks done, and it is keeping us busy. After work, we drove home and have been taking it easy ever since.

I was looking at my wardrobe this evening. I have purchased a lot of shirts in the last couple of months, nearly all of them from either one of the Salvation Army stores in town, or the BFM thrift store in Lower Sackville. They were purchased cheaply. About half of them were purchased during a sale when such items of clothing were two dollars each. They look great and were cheap. Everybody should buy stuff at thrift stores. It seems excessive to purchase new clothes any more.

Some of you care about this stuff, so here goes. I have replaced two of the five radios here in my home office. I brought back two smaller clock radios from the Valley yesterday. Don't worry. I still have twelve of them down there. The two I replaced were both Sony Dream Machines.

Most of the Dream Machines induce nightmares. They sound like crap, and are nearly impossible to set up.  These two sounded quite good, and were relatively easy to set up. Not as easy as all other clock radios are in this world, but by Dream Machine standards, nearly intuitive. But one was starting to act up. The radio would come on at the time I wanted it to, but the space on the bar between radio and alarm was so narrow, that I would get a combination of radio and alarm in the result, which is weird.  That radio will go to an environmental depot in short order.

The first Dream Machine is now in the upstairs bathroom, replacing a true piece of junk radio that sounded horrible. It allegedly projected the time on the ceiling, but it seldom worked. It is gone, destined for the same environmental depot. Replacing it is the Dream Machine from here. A vast improvement in every way.

So, down here, in the home office, are two GE clock radios, small and compact, that have pretty decent sound and work great. I hooked them up Sunday afternoon. They are both here at the computer desk I use for most of my blog posts.

I really must do a post or three about General Electric clock radios. The ones they made in the 1980's were real workhorses, especially the ones with the wood grain finish. I have several, and picked one up just last month. Usually just a few dollars, because people don't appreciate the quality of what they have.

I gave one to my dad quite a few years ago, to keep and use in his workshop in the house. I don't think he ever used it. After he died, we were going through his things, and found this clock radio. It was choked with dust and grime. I cleaned it off, squirted a titch of WD40 in the slot where you tune the radio to different stations, and added an even smaller amount to the place where you adjust the volume, and plugged it in. Worked perfectly. Seven years later, it remains in that workshop, and continues to work flawlessly. It is probably 30 years old, and unless someone throws it against a wall or something (which I would fight to prevent!), there is no reason it cannot last another 30 years. There is a pretty healthy market for them on ebay.

Ah, radios. Just love 'em.

On that glorious note, I think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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