Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Post 3590 - What? Three Blog Posts In Three Days? Impossible!

And, yet, here it is.

Three blog posts in as many days. Am I turning over a new leaf or something?

How was your day? Mine was busy. One of those days when you put your head down when you get to work, and the next thing you know, the work day is over, you've peed yourself three times because you forgot to go to the men's room, and...

Wait. That has happened to you, hasn't it? Worked so hard, so single-mindedly, that you neglected to take care of your bathroom needs? No. Oh. Okay. Never mind.

Anyway, after work, we grabbed something on the way home because nothing was out, ready to be cooked. That happens a little too often around here. We just got finished watching "Innerspace" on the Space Channel. We like the show a lot, but they recently moved it to 7pm ET from 6ET. We could watch the evening news and then jump over to the Space channel. Now, we have to wait an hour, which often means we don't see the show live anymore.

At Patricia's work they're having a big book sale in the next week or so. To raise money for the United Way. Last week, she asked me if I might have any books to donate to the sale. I thought about it and realized I had plenty such books. I have quite a few duplicates, books I have acquired more than one copy of over the years. Sometimes the cover changed, and I got confused and bought the second copy. Other times, I would just forget I already had a book, so I'd get another one. I have a lot of books.

I gave her a Sobey's bag of books on Monday morning, and two more books this morning. This evening I pulled a decent sized box out of the closet in my home office that had plenty of duplicate issues of my beloved crime fiction magazines, Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock. They are digest sized magazines and contain plenty of good stories. I am hopeful that they will all sell. I am also hopeful that if they don't sell that they find a good home and do not go out with recycling or something. I hate to see good reading material go to waste.

I am sure I have more duplicates in my collection. It means that I really should sort the books according to author, thereby revealing their presence to me, so I can put them aside for trade, sale, or donation.

Tomorrow, after work, I will be at the Archives. Haven't been there for a while. Do I still remember how to research? I will let you know.

I think I will turn in a bit early.

See you tomorrow.


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