Saturday, November 18, 2017

Post 3599 - A Day Later


I went to the Archives today. Spent several hours looking for information about a particularly difficult missing persons case and found nada. Then, I looked into a pretty old unsolved murder case and found quite a bit I felt good when I left around 3pm.

On Friday we had gone to Gateway Meat Market in Dartmouth. Among other things, they had a sale on haddock, which is our fave fish ever. It is a food group to us. Stored it in a costco bag over night in the car, as it was cold enough. I brought the bag in before heading out this morning. When I got home, I cooked some of it for dinner. This evening, I used the machine we have to compress the remaining packages of fish in place so it can freeze without incurring freezer burn. Ditto for some chicken.

We watched some tv this evening. And I have been down here in my home office upgrading my dropbox account. I now have 1TB of storage, which is easily 10x more than I will ever need, but it is the smallest package they sell. Once I had done that I uploaded some stuff to it. I use Dropbox a lot.

Got a nice quick email from Max Allan Collins this evening. He was pleased to learn that I write about unsolved murders and missing person cases, and that my interest in crime fiction is what sparked this interest in true crime. He will link my blog post from the other to his own blog this coming Tuesday. I will likely get hundreds of extra hits on that blog post in the coming days. I promise I will not forget the little people who put me here.

I have worked hard the last couple of days. I think Sunday I will do very little. I need a day off.

See you tomorrow.


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