Monday, November 20, 2017

Post 3601 - Well, Well!

The tip that Frank Magazine got on Friday morning that Don Connolly would announce his retirement on today's Information Morning, turned out to be right.

His last day is... about 10 weeks from now.

He said that he had planned to retire in early 2016, but an injury a year earlier derailed that, ironically enough. He was off work for a few months. He wanted to return to work with full vigour and have at least one year where he was able to give it his all. That turned out to be two full years, apparently.

Like I said last night, it is not big news when a 70 year old man decides to call it a day. It should be remembered that the previous Don, Don Tremaine, retired from the CBC 30 years ago, when he was about 58. Connolly has hung on a very long time.

The question is, who will replace him? A Facebook friend opined it could be Ian Hanomansing from the National. That program is going off the rails with four hosts, him being one of them. I think the CBC is already looking for a way out of that. Offering Ian a good morning show post would be a good move for them, but not a good career move for Ian. He could only see it as a demotion.

I think that Louise Renault, Don's current co-host, could easily elevate to the main position. She is terrific at everything she does. I don't know what her knowledge base is on things like politics and so on, but she could get up to speed easily.

Otherwise, who? Norma Lee MacLeod, perhaps? She is wasted on Maritime Noon every day. A harder news show would right up her alley.

Or, maybe the CBC will look to another market for a successor to Don.

I have no idea. But it will be interesting.

What are your thoughts?

Man, I have to get that full, unexpurgated Don Connolly interview dusted off and published here. Frank Magazine only ran about 40% of it a couple of years ago.

I think I will turn in. Lots to do and think about.

See you then.


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