Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Post 3606 - Yawn

Is it the weekend yet?


Too bad.

Another long day at work. Tonight, I cooked dinner. To make room in stand-up freezer, we took a small bag of haddock out. That is what I cooked tonight. There are left overs for another day. Why don't you come over?

I have already got some nice feedback on the cold case article in the issue of Frank that hits newsstands on Wednesday. The article is nearly three full pages long, so it is easily the longest article about the life and death of Ann Marie Masson ever done.

If I were just a guy, a reader of Frank, these articles would be the first ones I'd read. The fact that I get to write these articles makes it all the more rewarding.

Please forego coffee for a couple of days, or make it at home, and use that money to purchase the new issue of Frank. You can thank me later.

Another Toastmasters meeting tomorrow. Those meetings come up so frequently.

See you tomorrow.


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