Thursday, December 21, 2017

Post 3622 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2017 - Day Eleven

Not feeling it tonight, folks.

I just learned that a good friend died in a car crash Tuesday night. Here is the link

Killed was Rhea Dawn Mahar, a neighbour of mine whom I met in 2004 when she joined my Toastmasters club. I didn't know she was a neighbor at the time. One of those kismet things. Over the years, we'd hang out. When Paticia was sick in the hospital in 2008, and it was touch and go for her, Rhea made sure to invite me over to their place for dinner and some fun, even though I felt guilty as hell about being away from Patricia's hospital bed. 

In 2014, I hired her and her crew to build me a new front and back deck. They did a great job.

Rhea was funny. She loved nature and the outdoors. She loved her kids, and grandkids. I loved her laugh, and I loved her house, as it abutted on to a lake. And she was scrupulous about building things that were green. She would not use pressurized wood on my deck. It was up to me to make sure I stained it to protect the wood from the elements. So, every year, I spend perfectly good money to do this. Which is fine.

I had hoped we would have many years together as friends. 

We are into the time of year when people get together who may not like each other too much. I am estranged from family members, myself, and cannot see my way clear to co-exist with them. We are told that we should forgive and forget, but that is not always possible, practical, legal, or sensible. But what is possible is to keep in touch with those who are important to us, and to tell them how important they are in our lives. We don't do that nearly often enough. It's a damn shame. We are only here for so long.

I will really miss Rhea.

I hope to be in a better mood on Friday.

See you then.


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cuneiformed said...

I am a former employee and colleague of Rhea. I heard the news roughly the same time you did, it seems. It is deeply saddening news. She was such a caring and thoughtful person - particularly when people seemed to be going through hard times. You seemed to experience that also. Tremendous loss to her family and the provincial environmental movement.