Sunday, December 24, 2017

Post 3624 - Sunday Night

Patricia is upstairs contending with the turkey. We bought it on Friday afternoon in Wolfville for a good price at that sort-of independent grocery store that always has good deals. It was fresh, too. We stored it in a Costco thermal bag since then, and I threw some ice packs in with it on Saturday. This evening, some of those ice packs were still frozen, and the turkey was very cold.


The last couple of days have been restful. Saturday morning I checked out the new convenience store in Lakeside. Since the Sobeys sold it, the new owners have really made it their own. They have an actual bakery there, and at least two full-time bakers who get up at the crack of dark and prepare delicious baked goods. We got some shortbread cookies and some assorted baked goods and banana bread and cinnamon rolls. Beyond excellent. I also got some brekky at the McDonald's in Bayer's Lake. That's as far as I have gone.

We watched Christmas Vacation on Plex last evening. The movie is easily the best of all the vacation movies, but that is not saying a lot. I have heard so many bad things about Chevy Chase over the years that I can't help but wonder if I can see some signs of his unniceness in his onscreen performances. I have not. He hides it well.

Today, I slept in and except for a quick trip to deliver a gift card to the young man who clears my driveway and mows my lawn, I have remained in my jammies all day. I may do that tomorrow, as well. Maybe even the day after. Depends.

I will write about the holidays tomorrow, and maybe even Tuesday. I have some thoughts I want to share with you.

See you tomorrow.


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