Sunday, December 9, 2018

Post 3811 - Sunday Night Stuff

Welcome to Sunday night, the end of yet another weekend.

I had some work to do this morning. After I got home, Patricia and I (mostly Patricia) did some cleaning up around the house. Mid-afternoon, we transported some stuff to the storage space I rented last week, after which we bought a Christmas tree, which Kent is selling for 20 bucks.

This evening we watched a couple more episodes of "Outlander".

The highlight of the day for me was when Patricia found something I misplaced nearly a year ago: my digital camera, which was in a protected camera case. I couldn't find the bloody thing all year. Finally, she found it, and I was so happy. The batteries in it were dead. The spare batteries were too. So I pulled some fresher batteries from storage and put them in. And the camera sprang to life. It had even kept track of the date and time after all these months. So very pleased.

I know that most of the time for most pictures, I just use my camera phone; but if I want to take a better quality picture, I need this camera. And now I have it again.

Another work week beckons. I should probably turn in so I am fresh as a daisy.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, December 8, 2018

Post 3810 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2018 - Day Five

What? Day Five already? What are you talking about? Get on with your bad self?

A long day at work. Still getting over the euphoria of my hair cut on Thursday at the hands of Helen. Nothing is better than chilling out on the chair in the living room.

Or is it?

See you soon.


Post 3809 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2018 - Day Four

What? Day four already? Get out of here!

Yeah. Still playing catch up.

Thursday morning we went to Smitty's in the downtown. We both had the Salmon Eggs Benny. I think the appeal of that place for breakfast is behind us. The coffee is on repeat. You can drink as much of it as you want for one price. But the coffee tastes such that you're a hero in my book if you can finish one cup. And the salmon was salty in a way that I cannot express in polite words. I don't think we're going back.

I look pretty happy, don't I?

We had a party after work, so a bunch of us hied over there to the Dooly's pool hall on Kempt Road. Place is like the Tardis inside. Seems so small from the outside. Huge and sprawling inside. We had pizza and finger foods and allegedly some prizes. I bugged out of there just past 5:30.

Helen's hair place is pretty much next door. I needed a bit of a trim so I went in, and here is what happened:

I swear Helen cut a lot of hair off me, but Patricia couldn't notice the difference. I was a little hurt.

Helen washed my hair after cutting it, running her expert fingers over my scalp with such passion and ferocity that I felt like a rag doll in the jaws of a bear. I decided to let her have her way with me, to go along for the ride, to see where this would go. At one point, my foot started pounding the floor, as if I were a dog whose back is getting scratched. I may have shouted out the pin number to my bank card while reaching for my wallet. It is possible I asked her to marry me. I can no longer remember. I was not responsible for my actions.

All too soon, after buying scores of unneeded hair care products and leaving a mighty fine tip, I found myself outside, and alone, my nose pressed up to the window, waving to this magnificent woman, who had moved on to her next... client. I felt used and used up and made my way back to the car, where I could cry in peace.


Day four in the 2018 Christmas Tie Extravaganza was history.

What would happen next?

Wait a few minutes and you'll know.


Post 3808 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2018 - Day Three

Did you miss me?

Sorry I haven't written the last few days. Work. Sleep. Repeat.

Anyway, let's play catch up!

Wednesday, day three. After work, I went to the Frank bunker and worked for a couple of hours while Patricia was trying to get out of one of those escape rooms that have taken root in the city, and which sound like a blast.

Frank grunt/scribe Paul Hutchings was delighted to pose with me. Can't you tell?

Seriously, can't you tell?

See you in a moment!


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Post 3807 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2018 - Day Two

What? Wasn't it just like five minutes ago when you wrote last time, Bevboy? Are you favouring us with two posts in one day? 

Yes. Yes, I am. Judge me not.

Tuesday night at Casa Bevboy. Newbie was on my lap. I grabbed my phone and figured out how to point the camera back at myself. I hear this is known as "selfie" mode, but don't quote me on that. This computer stuff is so new to me.

Hard to get the little so-and-so in the picture along with my glorious tie. But I managed somehow.

Tomorrow... day three!!

See you then.


Post 3806 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2018 - Day One

Come on. Come all. Welcome to the 2018 edition of Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza.

This is year 12 I believe for this special event. My goodness. Do I have nothing better to do?

Well, apparently not. I will put up two posts this evening. I didn't have a chance to put up yesterday's pictures, yesterday.

We went to dinner at the Swiss Chalet in... hmm, is it Bayer's Lake or Clayton Park? Or sort of between the two places, on Lacewood Drive? You tell me.

At any rate, here I am about to chow down on this year's Festive Special. It was a taste treat.

Patricia saw me eating the chicken with great gusto and remarked that she still remembered the time when some people from her part of the province came to the big city of Halifax, where they were fed a chicken dinner. Nix nix on the utensils. They picked up that chicken and jammed it into their faces until every bit of nourishment was from that poor bird. They would look at me aghast, using a knife and fork.

More in a bit.


Sunday, December 2, 2018

Post 3805 - Sunday Night

My weekend is over.

Friday morning I rented a storage facility here in the city. I went from there to the Valley house, where I stayed over night.

Friday night, I called the son of a man who was murdered in Halifax long ago. He is tentatively amenable to speaking to me as long as his siblings are on board, too. If they are not, then I am in a bit of a pickle.

I returned to the city Saturday morning, putting some stuff in the storage facility that I had rented the day before. I went to the Mission Mart nearby and got a wide screen computer monitor for seven dollars. They put the price sticker right on the screen. I had to squirt just a bit of WD-40 on it. After about 10 minutes, the sticker peeled off.

In the afternoon, after a quick nap, we went to downtown Halifax. Patricia was taking a calligraphy course at the NSLC on Clyde Street, and I had some research to do at the library.

My research was very successful.

I was able to get a good photocopy of an excellent article about a long-ago murder in Halifax,which had been written about in a supplement to the Toronto Star in 1971. They won't make a PDF for you, just paper copies. I scanned in the document last evening, so now I have a really good PDF of that old article.

This article was part of a series on vintage unsolved murders and missing persons cases. Against all odds, the library had the other four parts in that series. I have photocopies of all of those articles.

After Patricia's course, we had dinner at Mexicali Rosa's. Fajitas. They do a good job of them there. We returned home. I did the scanning in that I mentioned and turned in for the evening around 10:30.

I didn't really get up until noon. And, by 1:30 or so, I took a nap.

Today was one of those days when I was going to do a lot and did very little indeed. Now, now, here it is 10:30 and I am facing the end of another weekend and a return to work in the morning. Where do these weekends go?

I am off my sleep pattern like crazy. But I really should make an effort to get yet more sleep.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Post 3804 - The Weekend Is Here! (For me)

Thursday night, and late.

I have spent the last hour incrementally changing a minor aspect of one of my research aids for my Frank work. For a couple of years I was old school: took a sheet of looseleaf and draw a little table with a pen and ruler with column headings for newspaper and date range and microfilm number and whether I had found something. Worked fine. Nothing wrong with this approach.

I decided to automate it a bit a few days ago. I went into a couple of different word processors and created tables. Then I just changed headings, and added shading, and made small incremental changes that if I showed them to you, you would think that perhaps I needed a vacation and a long nap. Which I do, come to think of it.

The upshot is that I believe I have simplified my research a little bit. The time I spent messing around with these tables will eventually pay for itself.

In theory.

Off work on Friday. My weekend dance card is filling up quickly. Friday and Saturday are nearly chock a block. Hoping to be able to slow down a titch on Sunday.

I am going to turn in. Been a long day, and there's plenty awaiting me tomorrow.

See you tomorrow or Saturday.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Post 3803 - Two Days Later

Well, I didn't write on Tuesday night because a friend of mine died Monday evening. Her death very much put things into perspective. Complaining about much of anything is trumped by something this serious.

Anyway, I have worked the last two days. I went to the Archives for a couple of hours after work to research a missing persons case from a very long time ago. I had hoped, perhaps naively, that there just might be something there. But the newspaper holdings from that time period are so poor that the date of the person's disappearance is not represented.

A local writer, the better part of twenty years ago, managed to write 1000 words or so about the case. I have a copy of that article. But I need some vintage articles.

I will even tell you what the case is. What the heck? I have mentioned it on my Facebook. It is about a man named John McDonald who in November of 1846 stepped out of his house at 95 King Street in Dartmouth, and was never seen again. That house to this day is known as the Dartmouth Mystery House. It is for sale, by the way.

If you know anything about the disappearance of John McDonald, or can point me to some articles or to someone who has some information about the case then let me know. Best bet is to write me here. I guarantee anonymity if you ask for it.

After all that crazy fun, we drove out to the Mission Mart in the new part of Bayer's Lake. It's the new thrift store, where every cent after their operating costs goes to the Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission. Unlike Value Village, it is non-profit. I have a bunch of books and DVD's and other stuff I can donate to them, and I will.

But Patricia was looking at some stuff, so I wandered over to the handbags and luggage. I saw a black bag, masculine, that looked as if it would hold the binder I use for my Frank work. Most bags are either too girly, or too large by far, or too small by a mite. I went out to the car and retrieved the binder and it fit very nicely in the bag. Whereupon, Patricia snatched the bag from me and proceeded to the cash. I guess I will be getting it for Christmas.

The bag I have been using is threadbare. It is actually a swag bag from an event I attended a year and a half ago and doesn't owe me anything. This "new" one is in very good condition and far more robust than the one I am using now, and cost very little. I am looking forward to receiving the bag for Christmas next month. I will try to look surprised!

I have a long day again tomorrow, so I need my shut eye.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Monday, November 26, 2018

Post 3802 - A Nice Lunch...

We got up a bit late this morning. Cooked breakfast but didn't have any lunch prepared. Normally I trudge over to Superstore on Young Street to get some overpriced tasteless product. Or I go to the Italian Market to get an overpriced tasty product. Or to Burger King, to get an underpriced tasteless product. Or go to Burrito Jax to get a tasteless product that is relatively good for me, although I'd rather eat cardboard. Or go to the Metro Deli, which is sort of the Goldilocks of nearby places to eat. Good food at a good price.

But not today. I walked up Young Street, past the places I mentioned. Not sure where to go. I recalled having two meals at the Lion's Head last week and contemplated going there again. But then I saw this place, and decided to check it out.

It was a very nice, clean establishment, in an apartment building that rose from the ashes of one of Bill Mont's old buildings a year or so ago. Street-level retail that seems to be fully occupied.

I found out that one could order a soup and sandwich combo, with a can of pop or tea or coffee, for $8.50, I think it was. The soup of the day was minestrone, not exactly my favourite. But it was a cold day, and a day, therefore, for soup.

The sandwich I chose was chicken pesto. It was fine. More than fine, actually. And the can of Pepsi was.. a can of Pepsi. But the soup! Spicy, zesty, thick. Plenty of pasta and veggies lurked below the surface.

I loved the soup.

I told the owner, Rami, who gave me the above business card, how much I had enjoyed the soup, even though minestrone soup is not something I crave. He thanked me and told me with some pride how much effort they put into producing their soup every day. He listed the kinds of soups they prepare. One of them is Italian Wedding, a soup I like even less than minestrone. But I told him that if the Italian wedding was even half as good as the minestrone, that it must be good indeed.

I returned to work, with a skip in my step, and faced the afternoon with renewed vigour.

After work, we went to Clayton Park and grabbed some food from the Cheesecurds outlet by the RBC. Had never been there. Had a couple of really nice tacos.

We returned home. I washed some dishes and started some work on my next Frank article.

I keep thinking about that minestrone soup, though. I can't wait to go back and get some more.

I may even settle for Italian Wedding.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, November 25, 2018

Post 3801 - Black Friday Recovery Mode

Well, that was fun!

Friday, I got some stuff taken care of at the house in the valley. Learned some stuff. But before that, Patricia and I went to the Bayer's Lake Superstore where I got a couple Black Friday specials, including that Amazon Fire tablet for $70, no tax. Just a bit of environmental fee thingy.

I dropped Patricia off where she would spend her work day and then took care of that issue in the Valley. After that, I went to the Superstore in nearby New Minas and... got a few more Black Friday things. Batteries, cheap. Went to the Canadian Tire there and got a couple of those power bars I coveted along with a set of pliers. Returned to the Superstore and after a great deal of thought dropped several hundred dollars on a 55" Sanyo Smart TV. It ever-so-barely fit in the Soul. They were also selling a 58" RCA Smart TV. I don't think it would have fit, which is just as well.

There was going to be a house showing Friday afternoon, so I hung around town for several hours. Hit some bookstores I don't get to that often. Killed time until around 3:30, when I finally returned to the house. I barely had time to sit down before the man I hire to keep the driveway plowed showed up and did this thing. I had to move the car out of the driveway so he could do his work.

We chatted a bit before he left. I had a dinner appointment with my realtor in Kentville, so I returned there. Over steak tacos, pan-fried haddock and deep fried dill pickles (!) we talked about the best approaches to selling the house, which has been on the market for eight months now. We hope to implement those approaches in the coming few weeks. I admitted to have been dragging my feet about it.

I returned to the house and spoke with Patricia. Watched some stuff on the tv and fell asleep in front of it before deciding to go to bed.

Saturday morning, after breakfast in New Minas, I returned to the city. Unloaded the car with all kinds of things including the tv and an Instant Pot. Patricia was... well, she reminded me we need a new dryer more. I agreed, but emphasized the price. She wasn't happy with me.

Saturday night, after a supper from a local church, I went back to Superstore in Bayer's Lake and got some more stuff, including Brita water filters, a snow shovel for the car, a toaster and a second one of those Amazon Fire tablets, for Patricia. As soon as I got home, she asked if I had asked about the tablet. I told her I had not, and then presented her with her belated birthday present. She was very happy to get it. I can tell you that, 24 hours later, she is using it a whole lot. So am I.

The Amazon Fire tablet has an 8" screen and for the price is an incredibly good bargain. It is very fast. I can use it as a tablet, an e-reader, and has a dedicated Amazon app that makes shopping on Amazon very easy indeed. I love this little tablet.

Sunday I had some other things to take care of, but when they were done we started watching season two of "Outlander". Loving is so far...

This has been a very expensive few days for me. My goodness. But I have some things to show for it. I don't regret making these expenditures. Well...

Another work week beckons. I should get ready for it, huh?

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Post 3800 - Post 3800

Welcome, sort of, to post 3800!

As I have noted before, over the past 11 years, I have lost count of what the actual post number was. I would forget the previous number and therefore the next one (or next several!) would be incorrect. By the time I discovered my error, I would have to decide what to do regarding the numbering. It is all very confusing, and something I don't wish to discuss at this late hour.

The Black Friday flyers arrived sometime over night. I spent time this morning and this evening poring over them and have jotted down some things to get, in addition to what I wrote about last evening. Like, I can only find a few pliers here and in the Valley house. Either Dad only had a few of them and used them for decades, or there is a stash of them down there somewhere that I have never found. Meanwhile, Canadian Tire has a set of pliers for $30, so I may invest in them. They also have a Master Craft power bar for $10, a sharply-reduced price. I'm told that the Master Craft line is manufactured by Dewalt, which is a terrific name.

I may also buy a solid state drive for this computer. The one in this machine is 128GB, which should be plenty for the OS. But my dropbox folder is gradually taking over the world, so I may have to get a bigger drive to accommodate it. Best Buy has a 500GB one for $100.

Still thinking about getting an RCA tv. People have been writing to tell me that RCA is now a generic brand taken over by manufacturers in China or wherever, where they slap the RCA label on whatever potential piece of junk they're slapping together. I get that. But the RCA tv's I have, all have a magnificent picture. And maybe I'm naive, but why would Loblaw's bring in, what, tens of thousands of these televisions across the country and sell them this cheaply if they were all junk and subject to disappointed consumers returning them en masse? It would reflect poorly on Loblaw's, or Canadian Tire, or whomever. So, I'm not sure what to think, other than, if I buy one, to keep the receipt close to my heart.

Also still thinking about getting that Amazon Fire tablet, too. $70 at Superstore. The reviews are quite good. The low-end Samsung tablet I got a few years ago is practically useless to me. Slower than dirt.

So much to consider. So much I can justify.

I think I will turn in and think about it all.

Likely won't be able to write a post on Friday. Back at 'er on Saturday.

See you then.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Post 3799 - Four Days Later...

Well, that went by quickly!

Uh, what happened? We went to the Valley on Sunday morning and returned around supper time. We spent some time, and Patricia some money, at the Acadia University Craft Show thingy. She goes most years. I looked around, impatient, wondering why people want to buy that crap, and also wondering why people spend so much time producing that crap, before I returned to the car and waited for Patricia to be finished.

We ended up having dinner in Wolfville. Prime beef at Rosie's. We have never had a bad meal there.

Monday night, we finished watching season one of Outlander on Netflix. My goodness, what a saucy show that is. And we have more than two seasons left to go before we're caught up with the rest of the world. I have sourced a couple of the "Outlander" novels and am wondering if the books are even half as raw and erotic as the tv series.

Last night, I took Patricia to Ele in Bayer's Lake. The Greek restaurant. It was her birthday. She had some wine, and shared some appetizers before the main courses arrived. I had the chicken skewers, which were excellent. Patricia had one chicken skewer and one lamb skewer. I had never eaten lamb, at least not to my recollection, and had a piece. Chewy, like beef steak. I liked it, but am not sure how much of it I want to eat on a go forward basis. I like what I like.

And today, was another work day. We have caught up on some content on the pvr. Patricia is upstairs watching "Hollywood Game Night" while I tap out these few words.

I am taking a vacation day on Friday. I have some things to take care of, yet again. I look forward to the day when I can take a vacation day or three and actually kick back and relax. It has been a while. Maybe over Christmas...

Black Friday deals are coming up in Canada this week. I am trying to figure out what to get. They are selling flatscreens larger than any other one in the house, by far. I am tempted to get one. They have the RCA label on them, which deters a lot of people. When it comes to televisions, I am not sure why. I have an RCA 32 inch flatscreen here in my home office. I don't use it much; but when I do, the picture is exceptionally good. The sound quality is not great, but that is what soundbars are for.  There is another 32 inch flatscreen in the Valley house that I got in 2016 on a Black Friday deal. That picture is also excellent. I don't get why people hate RCA televisions so much. I think they are fine.

Also looking at an Amazon Fire, which is a tablet/e-reader. I bought a Samsung tablet a few years ago. A very low end model that they still sell. It is slower than molasses rolling uphill in the middle of Winter. I haven't turned it on in months. But the reviews for the Fire are quite good. The price is practically a steal. I am tempted to get it!

Other than that, I don't plan to get much at all for Black Friday. How about you?

I am going to turn in for the evening. Long day tomorrow. Won't be home until relatively late.

See you then, I hope, unless sleep claims me as soon as I get home.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Post 3798 - A Symbol of... Something

Happy Saturday night.

Thursday and Friday I turned in early. In fact, Friday night, I got home from work and was dozing off during the supper time news. I went down stairs "for a few minutes" to "take a short nap", and was down for the evening.

We had a very nice afternoon. We went to Hatfield Farms in Hammonds Plains. It is an actual farm and wood mill that they commercialized such that folks can go out there and recreate for periods of time. My union arranged the event. Ten bucks per person. Well spent. They took us out to the lounge via wagons pulled by horses. Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, hotdogs, fries, and hamburgers. A zipline. A bouncy place where you could pretend to fight someone. An urban cowboy mechanical horse. And some good people to hang out with.

Before it all started they had a petting zoo. Patricia befriended some goats....

They get rowdy, those goats. You don't mess with them...

The zipline was great fun. Getting up there scared the hell out of me. But I got my legs on the "swing" and grabbed on to the rope and held on for dear life. As soon as we started to zip along, I was laughing.

Patricia took quite a bit of convincing to try it. She nearly gave up when she got up there. But once she started zipping, she had a great time, too.

I do recommend Hatfield Farms for your corporate retreat, large-ish party, or whatever. I hope our union does this again. It was a great idea.

We left around 5:15 and made it to the Home Hardware in Tantallon just as they were closing. They let me in because I had cash and I only wanted a few wood screws.

We got back to the house and watched some episodes of "Outlander" on Netflix. Washed some towels and blankets. And a little while ago I used four of those screws to mount a pencil sharpener that I rescued from the Valley house last weekend. There is a story about that pencil sharpener, and I will share it with you now.

When I was... 14 or so, when I was attending Kings County Academy in Kentville, the school where i was bullied every damn day, there was one day when I saw the janitor unscrew a metal pencil sharpener from the wall and throw it in the garbage. A student had done something to cause a dent in the pencil sharpener.  Not that big a dent, in my opinion. It didn't look like a grave injury to me, so I fished it out of the garbage can and took it home. That evening, I asked my father to screw it in to a bookcase or something in my bedroom, which he dutifully did. It worked flawlessly for me from that night on.

That pencil sharpener got me through the remainder of junior high school, senior high school, university. In 1985, my sister and I switched bedrooms, and the pencil sharpener came with me. I left it behind when I moved to the city in 1988. It remained attached to the underside of a bookcase all these many years, unused, and probably feeling unwanted, until a week ago, when Gary and I removed that bookcase from the wall and unscrewed the pencil sharpener. I brought it back to the city with me a week ago. I lost the four screws that had attached it to the bookcases for the last 40 years somehow, but that's okay because they were stripped anyway. That's why I needed new ones this evening.

The pencil sharpener is now attached to the side of an old entertainment center here in my home office. I use it to hold books and some old computer equipment and the thousands of Bevboy's Blog business cards that I will never go through. And, you know what? I had a package of ten pencils here. I took one out and sharpened it. It is a beautiful thing to behold, that pencil. The pencil sharpener worked just as well as it did all those years ago. I still squirted a bit of WD40 on the mechanism and the handle, and it turns much easier now. There is no reason why it should not last me for many more years to come.

Here it is, where it belongs...

We have an automatic pencil sharpener at work. You stick a pencil in, and it tries to sharpen the pencil. It doesn't do that good a job. But the one I rescued from the Valley still does a magnificent job, and I am so very happy that it has a new home here. If you're nice to me, I will sharpen your pencils with it. If.

No. I don't like so-called mechanical pencils. I had to write a test with one nearly about a year ago and asked to have a regular pencil, which my manager was kind enough to get me.

I know that this doesn't mean much, if anything, to you. But it means something to me. Anything that reminds me of a pleasant memory of my childhood, and young adult hood, is something I wish to cherish. The house down there is on the market, and there are many memories I have of that place. Good ones. Bad ones. Indifferent ones. For some reason, that damn pencil sharpener, with its dent in it created by some punk kid in 1978, is a symbol of a more innocent and happy time, and I will keep it into perpetuity.

Patricia and I have an early day, Sunday. I will tell you about Sunday night...

See you then.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Post 3797 - Uhhhh...

Hello again.

It is as if I am introducing myself with every blog post lately.

I've been going through a lot in the last several days, to be honest. I will give you a summary.

Friday I drove up to the Valley, right after I dropped Patricia off at work. The furnace guy was dropping by to replace the pipe going from the furnace to the outside. The old one was very much worn. I don't know what that will cost me, but the man was there for about 30 minutes.

I remained there over night, watching stuff on the television until my eyes could no longer function.

Saturday morning was the main part, and the saddest part. At 7am, the man I hired to help me clean out the house, showed up. We were systematic. We went through nearly every room in the house, upstairs and down. We had rented a bin/dumpster. Working nearly non stop for five hours, we carried out, tossed out, said goodbye to, dozens and dozens of items, including furniture my parents had owned since the 1970's.

The barrel and the furniture and so much other stuff

One chair was especially interesting. It was in my father's workshop downstairs. As he grew older, it became more and more difficult for him to stand and putter around down there. So he took an old chair and extended the legs on it so he could sit in it, legs dangling, while he worked away, at a good level with the items he needed within easy reach. It still went out, but I kinda wish I could have found a use for it.

The chair I just mentioned

Other things were just junk. A couple boxes of ash from the wood part of the furnace. A barrel. Garbage bags full of, well, garbage. Some broken glass. Fluorescent tube lights. Broken tools. I can't even list it all.

At noon, we called it a day. We were both tired. The dumpster was close to being full. And I was emotionally exhausted.

Among other things, the lighting I mentioned

When I decided to sell the house, it was the result of a tremendous amount of soul searching. I knew the time would come when I would have to decide what to do with the place, but I kept putting it off until the decision was all but made for me. We had many many thrift store donations over the months, but removing the bulk of the stuff was something I had put off for so long. It hurt, but at the same time, it felt good.

Not me standing next to the bin. The man I hired, named Gary

Anything of a family heirloom nature, running the gamut from family photos to an old clock to just some neat stuff, has been kept. Things with people's names on them that are not heirlooms, will be shredded, although that will take a very long time to do.

It was a sad day, Saturday; but ultimately, it was a good day, too.

I returned to the city Saturday afternoon, after a lunch at Rosie's in Kentville. Took a nap and watched some telly with Patricia before turning in early.

Sunday was more or less a day of rest for me. Monday I took some stuff in from the front and back decks for the Winter. Threw a bunch of stuff out for recycling on Tuesday.

We returned to work on Tuesday. Patricia wasn't feeling well, so I took her home at lunch time before returning to work. I was feeling a bit under the weather so I turned in early.

And, today, Wednesday, I worked again, while Patricia remained home.

Pretty boring, huh?

The cleaning out of the family home on Saturday took a lot out of me. Not just physically, but mentally. Part of me thinks I let my parents down by doing this, but no one, not even me, would want any of that stuff.

There are two more work days left before another weekend, which will go by far too quickly for my liking.

How about this? I will write you tomorrow. Let's make a date.

See you then.


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Post 3796 - Four MORE Days Later...

Sorry I haven't written much. Monday and Tuesday I slept the nights away. Wednesday, Patricia went to the library to see Ami McKay do a book signing. I worked on my next Frank article, working quite late into the night on it. I am pleased with how it turned out. There is information about this case, an unsolved murder from the 1990's, that has never been reported elsewhere. I hope you check it out when it appears on newstands next week.

Jordan Bonaparte just told me that his Night Time Podcast series (which will be broadcast on Global radio stations in large swaths of the country, starting this weekend) will include at least one of my appearances. The Three Musketeers of Hollis Street was selected by the producers of this series as being one of the episodes they wanted to start the series with. I am beyond flattered to learn this.

We also have been discussing recording more podcasts in the coming weeks. They will all discuss cases I have written about in Frank, so if you have read all of my work, you will be at an advantage.

I never thought, never dared dream, that I would have this opportunity, to write about missing persons cases and unsolved murders. It is a subject that has interested me for most of my life. If I ever did get a chance, it was my hope that I could take these cases to the next level. Do my best to uncover information either never reported before, or not reported in many years. You can judge whether I have been successful.

Getting up very early tomorrow morning, even though it is a day off work. Will be hitting the road and taking no prisoners. Spotty internet service. May not be able to write you until I am back, later on Saturday. Sorry!

See you... soon.


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Post 3795 - Four Days Later...

Uh, hello again, my friends. How have you been?

I have been sleeping an awful lot since we last corresponded. I had my flu shot on Tuesday after work. Ever since, I have had a hard time staying awake. I get through my work day. Go home. Eat something. And conk out early. Thursday night and Friday night, I went to bed frightfully early. Saturday, after a trip to the archives and some dinner, by 8 or so, I had to "take a nap".

The time change hasn't helped today. I slept in late and took a long nap this afternoon. That means that I will be up all night now. It is pushing 10:30, and I daresay I will be awake until 1 or so, long after I have found out what happens to Rick Grimes on the Walking Dead.

I am going to call this post short. I just wanted you to know that I am still alive, probably well, and that I am still resolved to write a post as often as possible.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Post 3794 - A Day Later...

Two blog posts in a row? What? Really? You mean, you wrote a blog post Tuesday night? And here you go, just a day later, there is another blog post? Are you joshing me?

No. I am not joshing you.

How was your day?

I have got some comments about Cindy Day. You know, how I said last night that Cindy Day looked like a man dressed up as Cindy Day. One guy wrote me on Twitter and told me that he had been blocked by Cindy Day, and didn't know why. Another guy wrote me, but I cannot find the message this evening to save my life. Perhaps I imagined it in a fevered dream or something.

Hey, we had a potluck lunch at work today. I was at a loss as to what to buy. I went to the Superstore at 11am and found a veggie tray and got that. The best part? It was half price. All my Scottish ancestors were rejoicing. Sean Connery gave me an attaboy. The ghost of Pierre Trudeau, who was according to one writer "breathtakingly parsimonious", will likely visit me in my dreams tonight.

There was  a lot of food there today. Meatballs. A couple macaroni dishes. Chicken nuggets from the Burger King across the street. Some noodles. Desserts. One dessert was multi-coloured cupcakes with syringes sticking out of them. The syringes contained "blood" (strawberry jam), which you could "inject" into the cupcake. What kind of mind thinks of that kind of thing? And will she marry me if things don't work out with Patricia and me? Just hedging my bets.

After work we drove home in traffic artificially heavy because everyone wanted to go home and take their kids out trick or treating. We got home around 5:45. We made sure the lights were off. I came downstairs; Patricia went upstairs. We don't "do" Hallowe'en any more, ever since the great comicbook controversy of 2011 or so.

As I likely told you about at the time, I was giving out comics for years without incident. Kids loved them. One busybody parent objected to the material and fomented rebellion with other busybodies on Facebook. I was fearful they were going to grab their pitchforks, right after they got their pearls and clutched them, knock down my door and drag me off into the night. Absolutely venomous comments. So we quit giving out comics and anything else on October 31st. We are done.

Anyway, I came down here and answered some Frank emails and Facebook messaged with a source for a potential upcoming article. Watched some murder-related stuff on Youtube. Just marked time until 8:15 or so, when it seemed that the kids would all have gone home.

We each had a sammich and watched an episode of "Sabrina". Just one more to go in this miniseason. Show gets better and better. Check it out, lazybones.

Tomorrow is Thursday, already. Where do the days go, anyway?

I think I will turn in. Patricia has Pilates tomorrow, so we will be home late.

See you then.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Post 3793 - Two Days Later...


So, I didn't write Monday evening. My body shut down around 9pm, so I went to beddy bye.

After work last night, we went to Mexicali Rosas on Spring Garden Road. We nearly didn't go in, but it was close to the library and we didn't want sushi again so soon. We had had a couple of sub par meals there over the years and decided not to go back, but once again, it was close to the library and we didn't want sushi, and didn't want to walk that far, either. Why aren't there more pubs on Spring Garden Road, anyway? But I digress.

We decided to order the fajitas. They came out, sizzling, like they always do. We wanted the chicken based ones. Plenty of veggies and guac and refried beans to add to the wraps. We stuffed ourselves and loved every bite. I will not say these are the best fajitas in town, but they are the best I can think of at the moment.

We waddled around the downtown before going to the library, there to see Ms. Kayla Hounsell discuss the release of her true crime book, "First Degree", about the Taylor Samson murder and subsequent William Sandeson trial.

I will confess that I only casually followed the trial, but I was in the minority. There were Facebook pages devoted to every twist and turn. The nightly news discussed the latest developments, with Kayla providing many of them. When I learned that Kayla would be doing a book on the murder, after she had been writing about it for so long, I thought this might be a pretty good book. She revealed last night that her employer at the time, CTV, was not supportive of her doing the book. Whether it was because they didn't want her to moonlight, or that it would be a conflict of interest, or what, I don't know. She solved that little problem by quitting her job and devoting her time to writing the book before landing a new (and much better) job at the CBC. That new job was interfering with her deadlines, so she buggered off to Mexico for a couple of weeks, writing by the pool for 12 hours a day. That is dedication.

I have a lot of respect for Kayla Hounsell. Despite the couple of typo's I have found in the book, I know that they are not her fault. (One of those typo's is in the first sentence on page one, but what can you do?) So far, having read the first couple of chapters, I find the book pretty gripping. I am sure lots of information will be revealed in the tome that has never seen the light of day. She even provides a theory as to what happened to Taylor Samson's body, which has never been found.

After she spoke, Kayla was signing book for the public. I was the second in line. We exchanged a few pleasantries. Patricia asked a question. We excused ourselves and left.

We milled around the room in the library where Kayla was speaking. It was a who's who of local media,with folks from Global, CTV and CBC there. A retired politician recently caught up in the #MeToo thing was there and asked a question of Kayla. Steve Murphy was hugging everyone in a skirt. Cindy Day looked like a man dressed up like Cindy Day.

It was a good evening, Monday night. But by the time we got home, driving through the darkness, through the rain, through the breeze, I had a tension headache. After playing back the news, I turned in early, which is why you didn't get a blog post last night.

Today was much better. No headache. After work, we got some food and came home and ate some of it. We watched three episodes of the new Sabrina series on Netflix. It is a show sure to infuriate any Christian who doesn't accept that it is fictional. We love it.  Two more episodes to go in what they call "Part One".

Tomorrow, Hallowe'en, is up in the air. After the debacle of several years ago, we no longer give out candy. We either go out to a movie or come home, turn out the lights and watch tv. Which one we do, we are not sure yet.

It is nearly 11pm. I need my beauty coma.

See you tomorrow, if you dare.


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Post 3792 - Yes! I'm Still Alive!

Hello there.

When I began this blog 11 years ago it was because I was put out over having left a message board I had come to enjoy hanging out in. I was made to feel unwelcome there, so I quit. Long story. You can read about it back in post 300, if you want to go through the Bevboy archives and find out.

But I still had a need to express myself. And I decried misspelled words. So I decided to start a blog. I had been called "Bevboy" since 1988, and it would be a blog, so why not call it... Bevboy's Blog? Seemed natural. I eventually got business cards printed up. I literally have 15 000 of them here in my home office, due to various sales at Vista Print over the years.

Over the years, I told myself that it was a good idea to "feed" a blog on a regular basis. Once a day seemed like a good goal to set for myself. In the early years, I often did multiple posts in one day.

Eventually, unlike so many other bloggers, I was lucky enough to be able to sell some of my writing, to Frank Magazine.  The need, and even the ability, to write a blog post every single day became more difficult. Paying work was, let's face it, more important.

For a time, I was producing two columns for a given issue of Frank: my former radio column; and the cold case series. I had always had a keen interest in cold cases, in particular missing persons cases. My editor asked me to consider writing about unsolved murders, too, and I took on that responsibility.

After a while, the radio column was retired. It was a mutual thing. I was getting tired of writing radio news and commentary. The commentary pissed off more than a few radio folks who are unused to being commented on.  I liked the little history items I was adding to the pieces to justify the word count, oftentimes more than the news I was spending so much time researching. At the same time, I was getting more and more satisfaction from writing the cold case series, and it was taking more and more of my time. I told my editor this, on more than one occasion. When my editor decided to discontinue my radio column, I did not express any disappointment. I was relieved. I have not lobbied to bring it back. Nobody to my knowledge has written Frank wanting it to return. It is part of my past, and I am happy for it to remain there.

The cold case series now occupies a tremendous amount of my free time. I am not complaining. I enjoy the work, and the challenge of researching and writing these articles. But it comes at the cost of this blog. This past week was a deadline week, and I was working hard on the next article, which appears in the issue of Frank Magazine that hits stands this week.

This is where you come in.

I am sorry I haven't written more frequently lately. As I told you the other week, I have a house for sale in the Valley. I spend quite a bit of time down there, cleaning out the place, and deciding what to keep and what to donate to thrift stores, and whatnot.  Entirely me and Patricia, and nobody else to help us.  I recently discontinued the internet connection down there, so when I am there, I cannot blog, or watch Netflix, or have much fun at all, to be honest. I have to watch the two channels that come over the air, watch a dvd, or watch something on the hard drive that's attached to the media player that's hanging off the flat screen in the living room.

We have also been neglecting the cottage. We were there a week ago. First time in more than two months. No internet connection there, either. We got the place ready for the winter, there, then. I even managed to mow most of the lawn, too.

I had to take a vacation day this past Monday to be in the Valley at the house to take care of a couple of matters. I drove back to the city in the afternoon and was exhausted by the time I got home. I am always exhausted by the time I get back to the city from the house in the Valley. I suppose it has to do with the stress associated with maintaining two properties. Both suffer in the end.

I know that all of the above sounds like a litany of excuses. We are all busy. We all work hard. I have not cornered the market on being busy or working hard. I am not complaining. I am explaining. Trying to explain to you, and justify to myself, why the blog appears to be less of a priority in my life lately.

I have told you before that I want to get back to a daily schedule again. I do. I will try really hard to write something Monday night. But I must tell you that we are going to the library Monday evening. Kayla Hounsell will be discussing her true crime book at 7pm, and we both want to be there. It means getting home 9pm or so. Newbie will be pacing the floor and looking at his watch and wondering where we are and why we are neglecting him. I will have to make it up to him.

But, also, let me make things up to you.

Let me try, really hard, to write a blog post for you Monday night. And another on Tuesday. And, if you're good, Wednesday night is a good possibility, too.

You mean a lot to me. All 4.7 of you. You're like my kids.

See you... tomorrow?


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Post 3791 - What I Have Been Up To

Hello again, my lovelies.

I have been incommunicado for more than a week now. I am sorry about that.

We... ended up not going to the cottage. The reasons for that are complicated, actually. We didn't go to the Valley, either. We just stayed in town, laying low, taking things easy.

First of all, I have been keeping something from you for months and months now. I had my reasons for doing so. I think they were good reasons, but upon re-evaluation, it just doesn't make sense any longer. This thing has taken an enormous amount of my time, and Patricia's time, over the last six months, and contributed mightily to many of the problems I have had getting blog posts out on a regular basis.

Here it goes.

The house I have in the Valley is on the market.

Some of you have known about this since the beginning. If you work with me, you would have likely heard me grousing or seen my exhaustion.

Patricia and I have spent a lot of time down there cleaning out the place. Many, many trips to Value Village, dropping off stuff. So many salt and pepper shakers. Packing things up. Cleaning out the attic took the better part of an entire weekend. My father had put stuff up there over the decades that was promptly forgotten about. Goodness gracious. Old exercise books from high school. University stuff. We filled 14 or 15 large plastic bags full of that stuff, after I had climbed up in the attic and thrown stuff  down into the hallway. So much stuff. 99.9% of it went out with our recycling.

A couple of years ago, I went up there and found some old mystery magazines and back issues of SF magazines, issues I had long ago misplaced, and which either I or my father had put up there more than 30 years ago. After rescuing that stuff, I had hoped that there might still be some treasures up there. Not so much.

That is but one example.

We have found so much stuff there over the months and got rid of it. My father was  a packrat of the highest order. We found hundreds of cancelled cheques he wrote back in the 1970's. He would pay Mom a sum every week with which she would buy groceries. We have found so many of those cheques. Those will be shredded.

There have been a couple of offers on the house. One of them, to my ever lasting regret, was rejected because we didn't have full information. The disappointment was nearly palpable. Another offer fell through over when the person could not secure bank funding.  Plenty of people have traipsed through the place.

The decision to sell the property was not made lightly. I thought about it for years. I felt I was betraying my parents by selling the place. They wanted me to retire down there, even though my life has been in the city for the past three decades. But the cost, on my finances, on my psyche, on my soul, on nearly every aspect of my being, had become such that keeping the place was an untenable situation. Driving up there. Taking care of the place. Driving back. Rinse. Repeat. For years.

I resisted for as long as I could before friends and a couple extended family members managed to convince me that my parents would not want me to go through all this sturm und drang, that they would understand if I just let it go, that it was time for someone else to live there and put their stamp on the place. Yet feelings of doubt lingered, like

I recently hired a man to replace the back steps, as the old ones had become unsafe. I haven't seen the work yet. I am sure the man did a very good job, as he has been doing extremely well with the other handyman jobs I have had him do in the last several months. He has been a godsend. I always address him by his last name because he is a good man who deserves respect, and therefore I will address him with respect.

There are other aspects of this topic that I probably should not discuss here, but you can guess what they might be.

In other news...

We did have a bit of fun during our vacation. We went out to a couple of meals, including a place called Delish, in Upper Tantallon. It is a British-focused eatery that also sells groceries from the U.K. We really like the place.

Also had a good meal at the Finer Diner last week. And before hitting Nocturne last Saturday, we had a meal at our favourite Halifax sushi place. As we left, the owner looked at me and said, "I am a boy". Turns out I had given him one of my Bevboy's Blog business card and had kept it for the past year or so. Must be a blog reader. Hello, sir.

The return to work on Monday was difficult. I was exhausted Monday night and slept the night away. Felt a bit better Tuesday night and made a stir fry for dinner. Wednesday morning, the dull headache I had had for a few days was still there. I found a stash of my headache pills and took one around 6:30. 45 minutes or so later, it was gone, and I felt fine. I love those pills. Have saved me from taking dozens of sick days over the years.

So, that is what I have been up to, in broad strokes. I feel better for telling you about it.

I am going to turn in for the evening. I have to get up in less than six hours. Where do the evenings go?

Talk to you tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Post 3790 - Tomorrow.

The blog returns tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. All will be explained.

See you then.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Post 3789 - Not Just Yet

So, it is very late Tuesday night. Sort of Wednesday morning.

We haven't gone to the cottage just yet. We plan to head out Wednesday before lunch time.

We kinda lazed around until mid-afternoon. I had some finishing touches to put on my latest Frank Magazine article, so that is done. My editor gets to concentrate on the remaining articles in the magazine, whatever they may be.

By three pm, we got tired of sitting around the house, so we took off for Tantallon. I had to go to the bank, the RBC there, so we parked there. Patricia ran into an old friend of hers, so they gabbed. I grabbed a slice of pizza from the place next door to the bank and wandered into the "Delish" deli and British-based grocery store. I had been in there years before and been unimpressed, but the improvements in the place made me smile. I now have a jar of Branston Pickle to consume!

We went across the street to the Tantallon Farmer's Market, which for whatever damn reason operates in the summer and early fall on Tuesday afternoons, between 2 and 6. I bought Newbie a catnip toy. I got a jar of dill pickles.

Then we went to Otis And Clementines because used bookstore. Ellen had just got in some vintage mystery paperbacks. I sifted through them. Musty! But I found six John Dickson Carr novels for two bucks each. Once I conquer the problem with the musty odor, I will add them to my home office/library.

I have tried putting musty books in a zippered up bag along with an open box of baking soda and had only limited success. Please pass along your tips for removing musty odors from books, won't you? You're a peach.

We drove along the "loop" that took us along French Village and all those other numerous communities. We grabbed a bite at the Finer Diner. I had the soup of the day (cabbage with bacon), and a side Caesar salad. Loved them both. Patricia had the hot turkey sandwich, which she found a little dry. We drank water. Too full for dessert.

We continued along our way, eventually reaching Peggy's Cove, and continuing the way around back to the Saint Margaret's Bay Road. In the gathering darkness, in October, the drive was not the most exciting. A ton of rocks and not the most interesting views. We returned to the house around 7:20. I gave Newbie his present, and he played with it like a crazy kittie.

We watched two movies on demand this evening. "Kidnap", starring Halle Berry is about a single mother whose son is kidnapped in broad daylight. Without her cell phone, she hops into her car and gives chase. It only got a 37% Rotten Tomatoes score, but it pressed all our buttons. It was a fine little film, and I hope you check it out. It was filmed in 2014 and originally supposed to be released in 2015, but sat on a shelf until last year, when it was dumped in theaters in August. It deserved a far better fate than that. Check out "Kidnap"!

The other one was the 2017 "Murder on the Orient Express", the remake of the 1973 film, based on the Agatha Christie novel. I have enjoyed Kenneth Branagh's acting and directing for more than 25 years, and he does not disappoint here. The film sort of sets up a sequel, based on another Christie Poirot novel. I hope it happens.

By this time, it was nearly midnight.

It was a good day. Let's hope that the rest of the week only improves.

See you soon.


Monday, October 8, 2018

Post 3788 - Vacation Time

First of all, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone.

We didn't do much today. Slept in like crazy. I spent much of the afternoon and quite late into the evening, working on my next article for Frank Magazine. I just filed it about 40 minutes ago. It is not a true crime piece. Something a little different that I hope you will like. I will announce the subject of the article over the weekend.

I wanted to get it done a little early so I could enjoy the next several days of vacation. We will be at the cottage with spotty and sporadic internet coverage, so blog posts will be, um, spotty and sporadic until the weekend. Sorry about that.

We are nervous about going to the cottage. We haven't been there since August. The lawn was shaggy then. It will be that much worse now. I can only imagine how exasperated the trespassers will be with us, since we have inconvenienced them and made their trespassing problematic.

We have been neglecting the place. I will have to spend the better part of a day mowing down there, and I do not look forward to it, even though the lawn tractor does most of the work. I get hay fever something fierce. I take some of those allergy pills, which work, but they knock me out for 18 hours after I am done the job. Sleeping is nice, but not for that long.

I am calling it a night. It's a night.

See you soon.


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Post 3787 - Saturday Night Stuff

How are you this evening?

I didn't write Friday night because I was tired. And Thursday? I was busy doing stuff and got to bed kinda late. Should have written something. Sorry.

The highlight of the day for me, as sad as it sounds, was when the guy from Bell Aliant dropped by to upgrade our Fibre Op equipment. He replaced the modem and router, and combined them into one device, which is smaller and more efficient. The old wifi router had 4 antennas. This one has 12. Coverage is significantly better throughout the house, even in the upstairs bedrooms, up two flights of stairs. It means having to change to a new network, which is fine. The usual cost of $200 was waived because of lengthy service.

The internet in the house feels peppier now. We are pleased.

We are off work until the 15th. We are still plotting what we will do for the next week, but at least some of it will leave us sans internet access. Blog posts will be spotty over the next several days. I will write as much as I can. I promise.

We're celebrating our Thanksgiving on Sunday. I think I will turn in so I can get up relatively early and enjoy it.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Post 3786 - Wednesday Stuff

Yes. Writing a blog post two days in a row.

I spent a few hours at the archives tonight, researching something for an upcoming piece in Frank Magazine. I think it will be a pretty interesting piece, once I finish my research. I even managed to track down a source to talk to me about this particular topic. I look forward to sharing it with you.

After that was all over, I picked up Patricia on Spring Garden Road. We drove home. She had bought me a little sammich thingy, so I nuked it when we got home and started to watching "Lethal Weapon" on the PVR. Patricia promptly dozed off, so we will watch it in the coming days. I read this afternoon that Damon Wayans, star of the show, has decided to quit the show in December, probably leading to its cancellation, and throwing a couple hundred people out of work. It wasn't enough that he got Clayne Crawford fired. Now, he wants to shut down the show entirely. Bugger.

Tomorrow is Thursday already. Not a pay week. A pay week would be lovely as I have a couple of unexpected house expenses to take care of.

I am calling this short. Lots to do tomorrow, which comes in six and a half hours.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Post 3785 - Where Have You Been? We've Been So Worried!

Good question.

I am not sure I have a good answer.

Last Wednesday I was working hard against a tight Frank Magazine deadline. The result is a three page article in the issue that hits stores on Wednesday. I hope you check it out.

Thursday night I was busy doing some other stuff that occupied the bulk of my evening.

Friday night, my body collapsed on the recliner and I was out for the night.

Saturday we went to the Valley for the day. I paid my handyman friend for some recent work he did and hired him to do yet more work for me down there. I heartily recommend this man to anyone who needs such work done down there. Hit me up and I will give you his name. We returned to the city later in the evening.

Sunday... what did I do on Sunday? Uh... Patricia? Honey? What did we do on Sunday? That we want my 4.7 readers to know about? Oh, nothing? OK. I did nothing on Sunday.

Monday night, once again, I was tuckered out. I wasn't feeling well at work that day, so it was curtains for me when we got home.

Tonight, we watched some stuff on the telly. And, now, sheepishly, I write this silly blog post.

We had some time for a few good meals over the last several days. Since I have some foodies as readers, I thought I'd tell you about them.

We were off on Friday. We drove to Tantallon to Lefty's Restaurant and Lounge for a late lunch. Here is the website. We adore the Irish nachos. I ordered the two piece Bangers and Mash. There was too much mash, even though it was mixed with onions and cabbage. Sausages were locally sourced. Patricia ended up eating the balance of the meal that evening. This was after I made the mistake of offering her "a couple of bites", and I never saw it again. I recall liking it.

Saturday, in the Valley, we had lunch at Paddy's Pub and Rosie's Restaurant. I have never understood why they have both places under one roof. It is a conceit that has never made sense to me. They have one kitchen, folks. One! Same menu. Rosie's is a slightly nicer place to sit in. I used to take my mother there. We went there so often that the servers knew that we would want "two coffees and two waters". I had the steak dinner, which cost over twenty dollars. It was okay. For that price, in a pub-type environment, I expected somewhat better. Patricia liked what she ordered, but I cannot recall what it was.

On the way back to the city that evening, we drove back through Wolfville and had a snack and a couple smoothies at the juice bar on the main drag. A vast menu with a couple dozen options for wraps and pitas, but only about six choices for smoothies. I am thinking they should re-think the name of their business. Just a suggestion.

Sunday? I already told you that we did nothing on Sunday. Stop prying.

So, there you have it. A rough approximation of what I did the last week. I do hope to write more often, but my schedule does not always permit me to do so. I do apologize most humbly.

I will state "see you tomorrow" in a tone that is a promising one, but who knows what will happen between now and then.

So... uh, see you... tomorrow?


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Post 3784 - 25 Years Later...

Well, I had a momentous day. Let me tell you about it.

In August I achieved 25 years of service with the provincial government. Every Fall, the government recognizes long service of 25 years, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50.

We were told to assemble at the Westin Hotel in the south end by 8:30 today. Patricia, Jamie from my work, and I piled into a cab and got there just in time. We registered and were led to the appropriate section. I was put in the 25 year section; Jamie in the 30 year one.

A couple of folks played familiar songs to us on violin. Public Service Commissioner Laura Lee Langley had some introductory remarks. Then we had the Premier's Awards for Excellence, which was pretty interesting.

Then the main event.

Starting with the 25 year folks like me, people were rounded up, row by row and marched over to the area just left of the dais. We gave the little blue card we were given that had our name and department name on it to Laura Lee, who read it aloud while we walked over to the Premier and Minister Tony Ince, minister of the PSC. Premier McNeil gave us our little award, in my case a pin suitable for pinning to my jacket that said I was a 25 year veteran. He congratulated me and shook my hand. I was put on a mark and McNeil and Ince posed with me for a couple of pictures before I was shuffled off and the next guy went on. It is a very efficient operation. Something like 300 people went through this procedure, and it was done in under 90 minutes.

I haven't got my picture with the Premier yet. Patricia took some other pictures of me up there. When I get them I will post them here and on my Facebook.

Afterward, we all went to a reception room where they served light snacks. But my department went all out and invited staff to a luncheon at the Old Triangle, on Bedford Row, downtown. Patricia and I walked there from the Westin. A nice day for a stroll. We got there, went upstairs to the private reception room, and sat down with Jamie. Lots of others were there.

We could order whatever we wanted off the menu, with the employer picking up the tab. The only exception was alcohol. If you ordered a beer, a glass of wine, or some hard liquor, you paid for that out of your own pocket. I had cranberry juice. Patricia had water. I ordered a ploughman's lunch. Patricia had a pastie thing, kind of a shepherd's pie, stuffed with chicken and mushrooms and allegedly some ham. My ploughman's lunch was too much for me to finish. Patricia loved her lunch.

The deputy minister gave us all long service award plaques. Here is mine:

By 2:15 or so, our Executive Director drove Jamie and me back to work. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to be productive, but not really succeeding.

25 years. Where has the time gone? My goodness, I remember my first day as a civil servant. I was getting some papers signed so I would be paid. The man who helped me through that process was older and not far away from retirement. I could not imagine, could not fathom, remaining at any job for that period of time. While I have moved from one department to another over the years, my employer has remained the province all this time. Go figure!

I have tried never to take my job for granted. Nothing lasts forever. But I have been luckier than so many others to have not had a moment of unemployment in more than 30 years. A sister would sneer at me and say, "You have a government job!" as if that were a pejorative. It was bitterness on her part, is what it was.

I have always been grateful to have work, even though I have not always liked the work I had, if that makes any sense. Too many others I know have struggled to attain, and retain, employment that I would be a fool and a cad to take this or any other job for granted. 

I do not know how many more years I will remain a civil servant. I have some ducks to line up that I haven't told you about yet, which continue to keep me chained to my desk for a while yet. But when that day comes and I retire, I will look back fondly and with gratitude toward the years I spent working for the province. Today's award ceremonies really drove that home for me.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Post 3783 - Sunday Night - Even More Sleep Deprived

I cannot sleep this evening. I slept earlier this evening. I was feeling unwell around 6:15pm so I took a nap that last three hours. Now, here I am, 1:30 in the morning, with a thrown-off sleep pattern.

Have spent the last hour or so researching some stuff.

I will go back to sleep now. I hope.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Post 3782 - Saturday Night Sleep-Deprived

Well, hello there, handsome.

A guy at work, who reads this blog, told me the other day that his own "body shut down" the other night, an obvious reference to how often I tell you that I went to bed early and slept the night away.

That's pretty much what happened Friday night, I'm afraid. After work, I picked up Patricia at her work. We parked on Morris Street and walked to the new location of Dust Jacket Books, in the Historic Farmer's Market building. I bought a couple of the Walt Longmire novels by Craig Johnson. We really miss that show, but I knew it was based on Johnson's series, which is ongoing.

We decided to grab a quick dinner at Cheelin's next door. One of the better Chinese restaurants in the city, on the list of the top restaurants in the city. I am not sure if I would go that far, but I sure do like the egg rolls and dumplings and "Saturday noodles", so that is what we ordered.

We walked around the waterfront for a spell before returning to the car. We drove home and I turned in early.

This morning we got up relatively early as there was a "trucker's breakfast" at the Trinity United Church in Timberlea. For eight dollars you get eggs and bacon and sausages and baked beans and toast and hash browns and then a couple of pancakes. Wash it all down with a choice of juice, and coffee or tea. We partook.

We waddled to the car and drove downtown. Patricia was getting her hair done. I was off to the Archives for a few hours of cold case research. To some people it would look like the most boring thing ever, but to me it is rewarding and even fun. Anything but boring. The hours fly by. Even when I don't find much, and feel a bit discouraged, I still find things that can be used for other articles at other times.

I felt that way today. I was researching a particular unsolved murder, and found very little. But I did find other articles that I have safely stored on my dropbox and will use them for something else, some other time.

Patricia's hair was done by 1:10 or so. I picked her up on Spring Garden Road. We decided to check out the Starbucks at Bayer's Lake, the one just off the Bay Road. It has been there for, what, eight years or so, but we had never set foot in the place.

A couple of expensive and frothy drinks later, we decided to drive to Otis and Clementine's in Tantallon. It is a pretty fun used bookstore. I found a couple more Waltmire books but didn't get the. Saw some very choice horror books but didn't get them. Saw a very nice hardcover about the life of Bruce Dickson, best known as the lead singer of Iron Maiden. But I didn't want to pay 30 dollars for a used hard cover of a book that will likely hit the remainder bins before the holidays.

We went up the street to the meat market in Upper Tantallon. Caviccini's, or something like that. Very hard to spell. And the pronunciation is open to interpretation. But the food was fine. I had the smoked meat sammich. Patricia had the soup of the day, veggies with some kind of sausage. On the way out, she got some sausages, which we put in the freezer when we got home.

I took a long nap, and got up in time to watch a movie on the telly. Now it is past midnight, Sunday morning technically, and about to turn in again.

Sunday is about house cleaning. I sure am looking forward to that.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Post 3781 - Thursday NIght Ramblings

How was your day?

Typical day at work. After it was over, I drove over to Princess Auto in Burnside. The man who mows the lawn at the house in the Valley asked me to pick him up a trailer hitch of some description, on sale at PA, and I was happy to do that for him.

I also wanted to pick up a couple of nifty power bars, which I will soon put to good use here in my home office. They are really meant for a work shop, like my late father's. They have 12 outlets, on a three foot cord. Same kind of technology as the power bars one uses for home electronics. Only $17. I got three of them.

Afterward, I returned to Halifax and parked around the corner from where Patricia was doing her weekly Pilates class. We drove home and got caught up on "Better Call Saul".

Friday is nearly here. The weekend cannot get here soon enough.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Post 3780 - Another Blog Post? Already?! Go On With Your Bad Self!!

Pretty much says it all.

Yes. Another blog post so soon. What is up with me, anyway?

How was your day? After work, I drove to the Archives and researched my next unsolved murder article for Frank Magazine. Found several articles. I am also trying to track down family members of the deceased person. I have been told by one source that they don't want to talk to anyone about the murder, which was so long ago. They want to move on with their lives. I do not understand that at all. I will try to get them to talk to me, but if they don't want to, it will not stop me from writing an article.

We got home. Watched an episode of "Better Call Saul". Patricia went to bed and I came down here to the home office.

Trying to firm up plans for the weekend. Would love to have a day of relaxation. I have nearly forgotten what that feels like. We really need a vacation. I have barely touched my vacation days this fiscal year. I nearly lost a bunch of days this past fiscal year and don't want that to happen again.

No. I didn't read anything more in the Mike Hammer book today. Did you see The Girl Hunters film, starring Mickey Spillane, playing his own character, Mike Hammer? Hmm? Well, did you?

I am going to turn in. Another long day beckons, seven hours from now.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Post 3779 - On The Other Hand...

Well, this post is only two days after the previous one. I am getting better!

Monday night, I turned in early. I thought I might wake up in time to produce some kind of post, but you know what a thought does when it is well fed. Well, I didn't know until Patricia told me years ago; but you catch my drift.

So, during my lunch hours I am trying either to go for a walk or to read a book. I haven't tried reading a book while I was walking, or walking while I was reading a book. Come to think of it, those two last things are pretty much the same thing. But they both look geeky.

I have been making my way through a Mike Hammer novel by Mickey Spillane. Spillane was one of the most popular writers of the 20th century, even though many (most?) critics hated his work. Others defend him and his writing almost to their detriment. I had never read any of his work but had accumulated several of his novels over the years. I decided to rectify that and started off with "Vengeance is Mine" from... 1952, I think it is. The third "Hammer" novel, after "I, the Jury", and "My Gun is Quick". Spillane was so popular a writer, and the character of Mike Hammer was so iconic, that a Hammer book called "The Girl Hunters" was filmed in the early 1960's. The man who played Hammer? Mickey Spillane! It is on my Plex Media Server if you guys want to go look for it.

As for Spillane's writing: I don't get it, at least not yet.

Turgid prose. Even though the book is only 160 pages, it has a glacier pace. I expected misogyny because of the subject matter and the time it was written in, but what I am finding is so over the top, I thought it was a Mad Magazine parody.

I am about one third of the way through the book. I will persevere. I may even try to read another Hammer novel, but I think that may be my limit.

YMMV, of course.

It has been a very long day. Wednesday promises to be even more so. I will keep this post short and promise to try to write something tomorrow evening. I do miss you guys.

See you then.


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Post 3778 - Uh....

Yes. I am still among the living.

Sorry I haven't written the last several days. Wednesday night, I turned in early. Like, really, really early. Thursday night, I had a Frank Magazine deadline. Friday night, once again, I turned in early.

Saturday, I went to the Valley and stayed the night. At the house, the internet connection was indescribably bad. It is usually fine, easily enough to watch Netflix while I am surfing the web; but yesterday, and even into Sunday, it barely worked at all. Emails would squeak on to my phone, but when I tried to open them up, it would complain of their being no internet connection. The router would indicate by turns that there was such a connection, and then go "red" to indicate that it was just kidding around with me. Like I said, it is usually fine. I hope it was just an anomaly.

I came back to the city this morning and spent the day goofing off and enjoying the day with Patricia and Newbie. Newbie really missed me. He is being coy and standoffish, but staring at me the whole time. Little guy likes to play hard to get.

Patricia reported an issue with Newbie that got me a bit worried. He usually jumps from the floor to the sink to get a drink of water; but in the last few days he is a little hesitant to do just that. He is now 12. He used to jump and run all over the place. He would leap up on top of cupboards and stare down at us. He stopped doing that a couple of years ago. I know he is getting on a bit. I just don't to think about him, you know, going downhill or anything.

Newbie has already outlived Cindy Clawford. We put her down four years ago now, when she was about 11. She had been in failing health for some time. I am now starting to wonder if Newbie is on a similar slow decline. I hope not. I like the little guy.

Gee, this is a mawkish blog post, isn't it?

No Frank Magazine deadline this week, so I can breathe a bit. Happy about that.

I am going to turn in but not before promising you that I will write tomorrow night, and the night after, and the night after that. Maybe not the night after that, though. I'll tell you about those plans later.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Post 3777 - Yes. Still Among The Living!

Five days later...

Sorry I haven't written. Friday night, my body shut down pretty early. Saturday, Patricia and I went to the Valley, there to do a good day's work, carrying over into Sunday. So. Much. Work. Family stories and legends. And detritus aplenty.

We returned to the city on Sunday afternoon. Greeted Newbie. And, once again, a very long nap, and then to bed early.

Monday was a return to work and a return to some normalcy. Last night, we both turned in early, after a trying day of ups and downs.

After work on Monday, though, to celebrate Patricia's new job, we went out to dinner in Fairview, at Freeman's Little New Yorker, an offshoot of the Quinpool Road restaurant that has been there since 1956. I had the lasagna. I liked what I ate Monday night, but today it has caused me some, uh, er, um, discomfort, which still hasn't gone away. I finished all but a bite or two of it this evening, and it was dull and lifeless, and just reinforced the, uh, er, um, discomfort. I don't plan to go back.

Also tonight, we got caught up on season two of Mr. Mercedes, which is about one tenth as interesting as season one. I haven't read the Stephen King novels the show is based on, so I don't know how closely the storyline hews to the books, but I do hope that the books are more entertaining. So far, in season two, we have an antagonist who's been in a coma and still manages to confound the hero of the show, Brenda Gleeson's Bill Hodges.

Patricia loved season one but was looking at her watch this evening. Which is funny, because she wasn't wearing a watch. Staring at her wrist was more fun than watching the show, I guess. I grant you, she has a very nice wrist.  Firm, yet supple.

Tomorrow is Wednesday already. Who made up this weekday arrangement, anyway? I kinda like it.

Let's hope I see you tomorrow. I miss you when I don't write.