Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Post 3634 - Late

Another late night. Another long day.

After work, we went to the Costco in Bayer's Lake. We needed to get a few things. Patricia ended up spending a very tidy sum. We returned the load of groceries home, and I managed to find room in the fridge for it all.

After dinner we watched this week's episode of "Shameless". I know I wrote this Fall how the show exploited the poor and mocked poverty, but many of the characters have captured my imagination, although in season eight, it is treading far too much water. Some character barely interact with other ones, as if they were in another show. Other ones do the same dumb things, year after year.

I took my quarterly shower this evening. I decided to shake things up by having it in January this year. Logistically, it just worked. The Spring shower, I may take as early as the latter part of March. I will keep you posted.

I think I will turn in. I will likely not be home until quite late Wednesday night, so I need some shuteye.

See you then.


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