Monday, January 15, 2018

Post 3639 - Radio News

The radio gods giveth. And they taketh away.

Brad Dryden is the incoming morning man at Mix 96.5 in Halifax. He takes over on February 5th. He takes over from Frankie Hollywood, who , uh, left the station around the end of November.

This sounds like a really neat match up. He will do the show with Natalie Fournier, going up against his former station, C100. Radio 965/The Mix has struggled for market share and even identity since that frequency stopped being KOOL FM in 2013. If Brad's addition to the station doesn't draw people to it, then nothing will. Depends on how much Newcap wants to spend on the format, I guess.

And now the "taketh away" part. Courtney Amirault, late of Live 105, was shown the door at Rock 88.9 today. This sucks mightily for her, but like more than one philosophical jock has told me, things happen for a reason.

People have asked me repeatedly why I never went into radio, given my interest in it. Setting aside my nearly-profound lack of talent for nearly anything in this world for just a moment, I would hate to be in any profession where the turn over rate in staff is so severe, sudden, and dramatic. You can be here today, and gone later today. You can be the best jock who has ever jocked a jock. You can have a really good ratings book. Listeners can love you. Managers can love you. But the moment these same managers perceive they need to make a change, and implement one, you're very likely not coming with. Why would I put myself through that? And why do these jocks do it? It is a mystery for the ages.

If you have any pearls of wisdom, go ahead and leave 'em here.

See you tomorrow.


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