Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Post 3640 - Today

Been nervous today, because tomorrow is a bit special. I cannot tell you about it just yet. But soon, I promise.

Today was a typical day at work. For dinner we had some leftovers from last evening. Then we watched the telly for a spell. "Jeopardy!". "Lethal Weapon". And the first few minutes of "Black Lightning". The latter show features characters created by Tony Isabella, with assistance from Trevor von Eeden. Long time readers will recall that Bevboy's Blog owes its existence to the time I quit Tony's message board because he accused me of exulting in the death of someone, who died of the same thing that nearly killed my father in 2000. That accusation hurt, and I no longer felt welcome there, so I left, and eventually started this silly little blog, with its 4.7 readers.

I have moved on, and forgiven Tony for this, and I am happy that at this stage in his life he is finally getting some recognition for his work. I don't want to be his friend or anything, but I can at least recall some of the good exchanges I had with him and others on his message board. And I think I can enjoy the "Black Lightning" tv series as being what it is, and not associate it with someone who caused me a great deal of pain some 11 years ago.

The show is being recorded on my PVR as I type these humble words. I will watch it in the coming days and see how much of it jibes with my recollections of the "Black Lightning" comics I read years and years ago.

I think I should turn in. An important day awaits me.

See you tomorrow.


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