Monday, January 22, 2018

Post 3642 - Migraine Time

This will be a short post as I have a headache.

I have had these migraines since I was little. I remember getting home from school my first day of Grade Three, which would have been early September of 1972. It was the first year we had to stay the extra hour or whatever it was. I got home from school and collapsed on my parents' couch and was out like a light.

Over the years the migraines would attack me at times that were often spectacularly inconvenient. I could almost count on getting on on Monday nights. I would get home from work and pretty much just go to bed for the evening, sleeping for twelve hours and waking up the next morning, feeling fine.

Eventually, I was told about Zomig, the market name for zolmitriptan, which magically narrows blood vessels around the brain, and reduces the things in the human body that trigger migraines. I still take them as necessary.

Over the years, I have found, perhaps due to lingering aspects of zolmitriptan, I have fewer migraines.

That doesn't mean that when I get them, that they still don't hurt.

I acquired a headache today. I went to the dentist tonight. The hygienist remarked that I seemed even more stiff and gaggy than normal. I guess my headache was causing that, too.

I haven't taken a pill tonight. I am just going to turn in.

Tomorrow, if things work out, the Blog will host a very special treat. Please look for it.

See you then.


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