Thursday, January 25, 2018

Post 3644 - One More Day To Go

Sorry I didn't write last night. It was a busy day at work. My body all-but shut down around 7:15, so I ended up turning in super early. No time for a blog post. Besides, you were still wading through the 22 000 word Don Connolly interview, weren't you?

Weren't you?

OK. So, the last day that Don Connolly works at the CBC is Friday, tomorrow. People have been asking me if I'm gonna go. The answer is no. A curt no, actually. I have a lot of respect for what Don has done over the years at Information Morning. He will be difficult to replace, but not impossible to. The over-the-top hand wringing about what his loss to the program will mean is a bit too much. And a three hour final program that will be a roast of the man's 42 years on the air is way too much.

When Costas Halitosis or however you spell his name, retired from the CBC around 2009 or 2010, his final show on Maritime Noon was pretty normal, except for the last two minutes or so, where he thanked his listeners for their support and exhorted them to continue to support public broadcasting. Then, he was done, and gone, and has barely been on the airwaves since. But with Don, we have been treated to week after week of people wishing him well, the t-shirt giveaways, calls from people who wonder how their day can possibly go on without Don to help them get through it.

I will listen tomorrow while preparing for work and on my car radio. I will record it and archive it on my dropbox although I will never listen to it a second time.

I wish Don a very long and pleasant retirement. He has worked hard, has built up a lot of good will, and has earned his rest.

Let's just not go on and on (and on!) about it.

See you tomorrow.


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