Friday, January 26, 2018

Post 3645 - Friday Night

It is very late. I have been frigging around here in my home office, darting back and forth between the two desktop computers here. One is my media and print server, and the other one, of course, is the one I do most of my blogging and writing from.

The weekend is here. We have two days to lay around before Sunday night arrives, and we wonder where the time went and why we didn't do more.

I did listen to most of Don Connolly's farewell show on Information Morning. Apparently more than 1000 people were at the Cunard Centre to see him off. I get he had a big influence on the program, but whenever a 70-year-old man retires, that in itself should not be big news. I am glad that this embarrassing spectacle is over.

Newbie is here. He is rubbing up against me suggestively. How can I possibly ignore his entreaties?

I will write more on Saturday. I promise.

See you then.


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