Sunday, January 28, 2018

Post 3647 - A Day Later

I wish I could say that I had been more productive today, but I cannot. We both slept in yet again. I cooked something for breakfast, and then again for dinner. In between, we watched stuff on the PVR, and finished watching one of those Adam Sandler he made for Netflix. I am already struggling to remember the title, but there were a few chuckles in there. I cannot tell you that I regret watching it.

I dunno. Many of the films that critics fall all over each other praising, are dull to me, or have massive story problems. For example, I watched "Three Billboards Out of Ebbing, Missouri" last weekend and thought it would have been better as an eight episode miniseries along the lines of "Fargo", rather than having everything crammed together into a less than two hour film.

Another weekend is behind me. I wish I had done more stuff around the house, but I did not, and that is that. Work beckons, but I have such an over supply of sleep that I will likely be up all night.

I think I will turn in and count some sheep.

See you tomorrow.


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