Thursday, February 1, 2018

Post 3652 - Is It Friday Yet?

Darn. It is only Thursday.

Groundhog Day is nearly every day for me. Get up. Go to work. Work. Eat something at mid day. Work some more. Go home. Eat something. Watch tv. Play with the cat. Work on an article for Frank for a bit. Write a blog post. Turn in. Repeat.

Weekends mix things up a bit, with sleeping into until late substituted for working.

Am I in a rut? Maybe. I was re-reading a few blog posts this evening from nine years ago. They had a much more jovial tone than I am able to muster these days. Perhaps I need to examine my life a bit more and find out why I feel this way.

Or not.

I was farting around with a laptop computer last night, trying to install Java on its linux os. I succeeded only in disabling the wifi, and don't ask me how I managed to do that, because I do not know. I could not re-awaken the wifi at all, so I put a dongle in a usb port. Tonight, I re-installed Linux Mint on the machine and made sure it was using the correct drivers. That made the wifi work again.

Are you proud of me? I told Patricia, and she asked me to pass the crudites by way of reply, so something tells me she was not impressed.

What impresses you, anyway? Do you care that I have produced over 3600 posts on a blog that is just over 10 years old? That I misinterpret directions all the time? That I can't understand metaphors to save my life? That I can get computers working long past the time when they should have been thrown out? That I cannot do much of anything in this world without my glasses on?

It is pushing 11:30. I have spent the last hour Messengering with two folks on Facebook. They know who they are, those little rascals.

See you tomorrow.


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