Monday, February 19, 2018

Post 3663 - Monday Night -- Bevboy Needs Your Help!

Another long weekend is behind me. I wish I could say I got more done.

I did spend some time doing some work for Frank. But, you know, otherwise, I was here at home sleeping and watching stuff on Plex and on Netflix.

I cooked breakfast this morning, and dinner tonight. So, there is that.  I washed some clothes, so I don't have to worry about running out of underwear any time soon. So, there is that. I just spent 30 minutes re-arranging a storage area here in my home office, throwing a bunch of stuff out in the process. There is that.

Newbie has enjoyed having us around the house the last few days. He will be disappointed when we return to work in the morning.

Before I ring off this evening I need your help with something.

I want to buy a decent usb-powered light. I presently have one I got with some other similar items a few years ago. It is a very small lamp, on a stand. It has five small led lights. An on and off switch. Two of those lights have burned out. If one more goes, leaving me down to two, then it is pretty much useless to me. That can happen any day now.

Does anybody reading this have a suggestion for a usb-powered light, similar to the one I just described? It would be great if it had enough light to allow me to read a book by, but I would make do with it being strong enough to enable me to see this keyboard if I am here late at night with no other lights on. Most usb-powered lights are crap. I don't know why that is. Surely to heck there is a decent one out there. Your mission is to tell me about it, and how to go about ordering one.

Thank you.

See you tomorrow.


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Greg Beaulieu said...

Is this in your price range? Looks cool.