Thursday, February 22, 2018

Post 3665 - One More Day To The Weekend

Thursday night.

I just sent off my next cold case article to my editor at Frank. It is a full week ahead of my deadline, so I am sure he is pleased by that if nothing else. I still plan to work on another article in the coming days.

It is another unsolved murder, from several years ago. Another case that has been nearly forgotten about, one which I hope to shed some light on. With any luck, it will be in the issue of Frank that goes on sale the week after next.

My goodness I am tired this evening. Tuesday night I had to turn in early. Wednesday night I was up until after 11. I nearly turned in early this evening, too, but instead had my shower and finished the above article. I have earned my beauty sleep tonight.

I am going to give a bit more thought regarding the numbering of the blog posts going forward. I will let you know. Dozens of you have written me or stopped me on the street. I promise I will let you all know, soon.

I think I will turn in. I have a busy and momentous day ahead of me.

See you then.


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